Murphy’s the Man. And Messin’ With Ya’s the Plan.

It’s not that doing laundry’s a chore.

It’s bagging and hauling it to the laundromat that’s the chore.

In college and in my 20s, yes, but not what I expected to (still) be doing at 58!

Anyhow, it’s my day off and after foot-dragging and simply little free time, I finally decide to get the damn chore off my plate.

So first thing after awakening, even before coffee, I drive a big load to Splash. Wait around, yada yada, you know the drill.

Get home, hang it on the fence neatly and meticulously to dry and head out for the rest of the day.


Of course! A monsoon.

And my load includes bedsheets and pillowcases. Of course!

When I get back, everything’s gonna be wetter than after the final spin cycle!

Don’t misunderstood. Not complaining. Drought-stricken Arizona desperately needs the moisture. Plus the short-lived monsoon season brings a welcomed change from the typical bright-blue sunny skies.

Still. The ONE day I’ve got time and energy for the drudgery of laundry! …

Just goes to remind ya who’s in charge. Murphy and his Indomitable Laws. Number 55, is it not?

“Shall ye wash thy vehicle, the following day it shall rain profusely.

“Addendum 55-A: The same law shall be in effect shall ye wash and hang thy clothing to dry beneath sunny blue skies.”

Murphy. Man, tha’ dude gets us every time!


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