Beer for Breakfast. P.S. God, Where Art Thou?!

A girl’s gotta have beer for breakfast sometimes.

{Hey, I had my cuppa java first!}

Here’s what’s what.

I’ve got one day off this workweek. It’s gotta count. REALLY count, this one day of relaxation and time to myself before hopping back onto the workhorse! A beer for breakfast takes the edge off.

Note: Breakfast in the unofficial sense. I don’t eat until I’ve been up for hours and hours. Breakfast = coffee and a green smoothie, when I’m on my mark.

I’m not today. I’m stressed. Read on and tell me whether you’d be. Or not.

The short scenario:

* You hafta move. Shortage of housing. Extreme competition. High rents. Your budget’s at the bottom.

* You dedicate your life to looking for a month. Nothing.

* Finally the housing marking loosens a smidge. This much {holds up fingers separated by 1/4 inch}. After a month of nothing, you now have 3 weeks. Uh oh! Yet you keep plodding forward.

* Yey! Something appears!

A mobile home. Not ideal. But doable for short term. Better than the streets. Or roommates.

Now your story becomes mine.

* I hit it off with the mobile home manager, K., a woman my age.

* We proceed with the application. I proceed quickly. I’m the first in line. Behind me’s a buncha folks also looking at and wanting the place.

* I waste no time. I dot every I, cross every T. I’ve done everything a human being could do. Now it’s up to my references to respond in a timely manner.

* Mobile home K. contacts my current landlord as a reference. Understandably. Part of the process. My landlord doesn’t respond. Doesn’t respond. Doesn’t respond. Par for the course.

* Mobile home K. tells me this. I proactively call my landlord to prod her.

* Hours later, mobile home K. tells me: “Still waiting to hear from your landlord. Meanwhile, I’m still showing the place.”

* A couple hours later, mobile home K. tells me: “I finally heard from them. Unfortunately, I found someone who got immediately approved and can move in right away.”

* I lose the place.

1. Because despite me being first in line, K. goes for the person who can move in (pay) right away.

2. And because my landlord failed to respond in a timely manner.

One-two. Actions by others outside my control or choice.

And I lose the place.

The only one viable after almost 1-1/2 months of a rigorous vigorous search. Back to square 1. Three weeks and counting ’til homelessness. Okay, scratch that. The homelessness. The 3 weeks until I gotta be out is real.

Tell me if this doesn’t deserve a beer for breakfast!

P.S. God, Where Art Thou?!


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