No tasty dishes on this Moving Menu

Been looking for a new living space for a month.

Here’s what I’ve seen so far:

1. A small 1-bedroom apartment in a large old house converted into apartments.

What stood out:

Slanted carpeted floors. Cozy kitchen. Small bathroom with narrow shower, no tub and no place to use my makeshift tub (stock tank). Zero storage space — merely one or two coat closets. Cracked living room window. All white walls = colorless, bland. Few windows / minimum light. So-so upkeep.

Verdict: Good neighborhood but dark, depressing, overpriced, no storage.

2. Stand-alone studio in back of a house.

What stood out: Suuuuper-tiny. Claustrophobic. No closet; only a hanging wooden rod and generic do-it-yourself wardrobe unit. Shower only, no tub. Zero storage space. Space enough for a bed, dresser, small couch, table. Okay light through small windows

Verdict: Overpriced but good neighborhood, stand-alone so no shared walls (yes!), super claustrophobic. Endurable for a year max.

3. Small 1-bedroom two blocks from current residence.

What stood out: Modern construction. Low ceilings, boxy, no character. Bedroom big enough for a king-sized bed & dresser. Ehhh closet space; separate self-storage unit would be required. Small living room. Okay kitchen w/ newish fridge and adequate cabinetry. Private back patio enclosed by plastic roof, creating a hothouse effect (done by a prior tenant perhaps?)

Verdict: Suffocating. Too close to neighbors for comfort. Great neighborhood. Quickly overpriced with utilities.

4. A 2-bedroom, recently redone, with 1 full & -1/2 bathrooms.

What stood out: Tile floors throughout – easy to keep clean but echo-y. Cold — both physical & in lack of personality. Kitchen unmemorable. Dining room converted into second bedroom (hence advertised as a 2-bedroom) with Home Depot-type do-it-yourself storage unit as only closet in that room. Horrible storage throughout! NOISY. Smack on one of town’s busiest roads.

Verdict: Don’t recall the rent but no matter. An instant no for all those reasons.

5. 2-bedroom in a complex tucked back toward end of road.

Stumbled across this when responding to a moving sale sign. (Checking out yard sales is a good way to find out who’s moving soon, hence giving you a jumpstart.)

Characterless apartment in the ubiquitous 1970s style of carpet, small rooms, low ceilings. Nice kitchen recently redone, beaucoup cabinetry. Large walk-in closets in each bedroom. Bathtub – yes!

Still occupied so got skinny from current resident. Especially about sounds from tenants below & next door (noise being the burning issue/true reason for my impending move). “Sometimes I can hear so-and-so talking on the phone in the apartment below … sometimes I can hear the next-door neighbor chopping vegetables.”

Verdict: Tight quarters, nondescript interior, made more constrictive by neighbor sounds/thin walls & floors. Great area, woodsy, convenient. More space than I need though and more rent than I can afford. On plus side, a month-to-month lease; keep in mind for short-term if I get desperate.

6. Basement studio.

Officially advertised as a 1-bedroom because of the interior door but really still just a studio. Recently renovated. Tile floors. Okay kitchen w/ so-so storage. Minuscule storage throughout. Small windows, minimum light. No charm or warmth. Utilities included.

Verdict: Location location location. Sits exactly on another very busy noisy street — with bedroom literally facing the noise. Rent too high even with utilities included. Knew it was a no within 5 seconds — a record setter!

7. Studio built around 1927.

Good neighborhood but smaa-hall! Two narrow short closets = no storage. Okay kitchen with okay cabinetry. Kitchen window opens onto beige wall of next building and is so close, you could extend an arm out the window and touch it. Small windows, very poor light. Certain old-style charms like arched interior wall and bathtub.

Verdict: Moderate rent that quickly escalates with utilities. Putting zero storage aside, the place was depressing. It’s in the lack of light, it’s in the air. Even as some 8 viewers stood around inside chatting, I needed to get outta there. Just didn’t feel right or good. Wouldn’t surprise if the place is haunted. Has bad juju. Or something.

As you can tell, nothing’s rang the bell … stirred the heart … shouted or whispered “YES!”

There’s been a dearth of supply: that must be acknowledged. Also to be acknowledged: for every one rental that appears, 10 to 20 people or more show up and/or apply! Translation: competition is severe.

BUT! I keep truckin’ on. Scour craigslist and the rental property web sites diligently up to 15-20 times a day. Drive up and down known and random roads seeking “For Rent” signs. I tell friends, acquaintances and strangers that I’m looking.

In short, I am doing everything that any human being could do — and then some!

In reviewing the spaces seen and the lack of success thus far, I think what’s needed lies outside the human sphere!

The mortal way hasn’t been fruitful.

I need divine intervention. Help from forces unseen and “from afar.”

Because for all these places seen and all efforts being made, one truth remains:

I must move. Not later; the landlord won’t grant an extension; I asked.

I’m already in Moving Mode in thought and in action. I need the space.

I need the blessing of the angels above!

I need the universe to show me where the space is and to open the door so that I can accomplish what is required and get on with things.

So to those higher forces above and around, I beseech you prayerfully: Please lead the way to my new front door. My new space is needed. It is required. It is to be and must be. The clock is ticking. {ticktickticktick}

In the meantime, it’s been fun looking at all these spaces (“rejects”). Always fun to see how and where others have lived, live or will live!

My turn must come. Please provide me that blessed home. That one that speaks: “Yes!” The one that is for me.

Thank you prayerfully,


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