A dollar earned is leisure relished

There’s something truly satisfying about working … contributing … making an honest dollar.

And something satisfying about a day off. 🙂

I just began a new job, as you may know. Though I’m not ready to reveal it — saying only that, at 58, I’m doing the job of a 16-year-old — I shall say that I’ve got today and tomorrow off after three half-days of working.

It’s been almost exactly a year since I last had a job of 24-28 hours a week. (Because of the disastrously *ruinous* Obamacare, most employers now limit employee hours to 29 or fewer hours/week.)

Life assumes a different structure, tone and flow when one’s working. One must organize one’s time. Identify priorities. Make time for those priorities.

To live healthfully yet simply, one must eat mindfully and well … create time for sleep … exercise … work (or be of service through volunteering or what-not) … and make time for one’s self. That personal time can be used for reflection, creativity, simply sitting outside and drinking in the moment, the sunset, the passersby.


I’m guilty of living a highly-unbalanced lifestyle. Those seeds were planted in my earliest childhood and — surprise, surprise! — the tree sprung from those seeds is hardly a manifestation of health and balance

BUT! I’m learning! The hard way.

I didn’t have a childhood. I had a workhood and a slavehood (my word inventions). Both were brutal. I suffered for this, not strictly in the physical sense but psychologically.

I’m still no master at simply enjoying life! Not even close! At 58, I’m still teaching myself that life can be more than the life motto cultivated in childhood: “You’re born. You suffer. You die.”

Point is: Coming from a starting point of negative 200, I’m greatly disadvantaged and have much to learn about life in its goodness and balance.

What’s this got to do with my first two days off since the new job began?!

Actually a lot. Much more than I could or would post.

I find my leisure time more enjoyable and satisfying when I’m working.

I find my work more enjoyable if I haven’t been working enough.

I find self-generated income more satisfying and FAR more gratifying than income doled out by the government!

I know no lazy-ass Entitler modern American will (or desires to) understand a word of that. Nonetheless, truth is truth: Man is born to be autonomous and contribute, not be a ward of the state.

It’s all about learning balance. Balance between work, leisure time, exercise, play* and reflective/creative time.

(*I’m very poor at this; again, childhood stuff …)

Sooo, today’s my Saturday … tomorrow my Sunday … a workweek begins anew Saturday.

I know this job isn’t forever.

I know this job is meant to keep me busy … give me something to do with my time … bring in some income … keep me from going insanely stir-crazy and becoming deeply depressed — both of which I do when I’m not working.

{Gasp! Strange, riiiight?!? Yes, sadly, in this day and age.}

I know, with some exceptions, that I’m better off working than not working … and that leisure time, such as I have today, is sweetened BY my working, not in spite of it or for lack of it.

Because I’ve such an extraordinarily powerful need to work and hold such profoundly deep ethics and principles around work and contributing, I don’t know that I’ll ever truly come to enjoy life.

I may never truly learn to play (my father was even worse at it than I! And though he improved later in life, one would never call him a model of play, lightness and joviality!)

On my deathbed, I’d rather close my eyes and shut off the lights knowing and go knowing I’d put in a really good day at work rather than took time to enjoy a sunset.

Is that wrong?




The pleasures of life matter too. It’s not just about and ALL about work and self-sacrifice.

And that, too, is part of my teaching and my reaching: for balance.

Not New Balance, just to be clear. 😉

New Balance shoes: great for wide feet

New Balance shoes: great for wide feet


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