It’s a job. A mystery — but not on the bookshelves

I begin a new job today.

You’ll understand if I’m exuberantly jumping 10 feet into the air … hootin’ ‘n’ hollerin’ ‘n’ paintin’ the town read … beside myself with glee … or buyin’ all blog visitors a round of drinks!

Embarrassment and degrees of shame prevent me from revealing the job. At this time. I may eventually. For one reason and one reason alone: It’s fodder for blogging.

I can tell you what it’s *not.* It’s not:

* graveyard maintenance
* kennel assistant/upkeeper or other animals-related position
* mortuary attendant
* Costco employee
* bartender
* server in a finer establishment
* mystery shopping

Any of these, I’d be buyin’ y’all that round! Even two!

I can tell you again what it’s not:

* high-paying
* career-related in any sense, no matter how I spin it
* dream-job related in any sense, no matter how I spin it

I *am* willing to tell you:

* it’s minimum wage
* it’s service-industry
* it requires scant brain power
* it’s a job that I never had in my teens but MANY do

Period. For now.

{Sorry, guys, trying as I am, I just can’t bring myself to announce it. Embarrassment. Shame. Painful reminders of my dark past and traumas unresolved impede.}

So …

I *can* say this:

* it could be worse and has been
* it’s a throwaway; when something better surfaces, I’ve no qualms about letting this go
* it’s very mentally unchallenging; that’s not a desirable but the tradeoff is I’m not working in isolation that destroys me

The plusses … there are a few:

* it enables me to keep my radio job — on that I’m unyielding — AND maintain the late-shifts work- and lifestyles

* it allows me sooome say in my schedule so that I can protect not only my PT radio job but other commitments through the week

* it’s close to home. Ironic since now I have to move! Point is: If I’m making only minimum wage, I’m gonna need to draw a line at commute distances / gas costs & wear-and-tear. Ain’t gonna drive 40 miles a day for a job paying 8 bucks an hour!

* it’s not motel cleaning

Well, if this job mystery doesn’t compel you to stay tuned, I don’t know what more to say!

With some 45 until the start time, I see that only way I’ll be able to spill the beans … perhaps … eventually … is to make light of the situation. To see it for its value:

* It’s better than not working — and girl needs to work!

* It’s not the shittiest job I’ve ever taken; neither is it the best by any distortion of truth or stretch of imagination!

* It occupies some of my time and relieves boredom

* I may meet nice people. I’ll meet jerks for sure. They’re everywhere. But nice people, they’re gems in a world of coal!

* I *may* make casual acquaintances; I may even make a friend or two. Time will tell.

* I may even encounter someone who’ll tell me of an opportunity better aligned to my path, purpose and calling. Ya never know when an opportunity’ll fall from the sky into your lap!

* Even if that doesn’t occur, having an income, peanuts though it be and trust me, peanuts it is! — beats a figure of zero.

My challenge:

* stay optimistic.

* don’t get caught up in the pessimism or delusion that this is all that life will ever offer and all I can ever be

* keep doing my writing, my art therapy and working with The Artist’s Way for Work book

* keep doing my gratitude list every day

* keep exercising … swim! swim! swim!

* eat well, eat *regularly* {forever a challenge!} and drink beaucoup water

* Last but not least, do NOT take on the work of others. If they’re lazy, let them be lazy. Do *not* allow my strong working nature and impeccable work ethics DO the job that others are PAID TO DO.

If they fuck up, let them fuck up. If they’re stupid or inadequate, let them be stupid or inadequate. DO NOT FIX WHAT OTHER PEOPLE ARE INCAPABLE OF OR SIMPLY TOO LAZY TO DO.

Boy do I need that glorious reminder!!!

Off I go to Day 1 at the mystery job. I wish myself ease … lightness … fun … humor … and kindnesses.

Until next time, later, gators.


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