Not all is as it seems. Ain’t that the truth!

I have a job, apparently.

I continue to use the word “apparently,” as I have for a couple+ weeks, for one simple reason: Every step along the way in a monthlong process has been fraught with confusion, misdirections, miscommunications, lack of communication, changes in course, shocks and surprises.

There’s this … nebulousness and unreality around this opportunity, if I dare to call it that, that ultimately leaves me feeling:

Anything can happen … and anything can’t!

+ + +

Today I had another of those “enlightening” moments that so define this ongoing process with Fry’s market. Wouldn’t call it an Aha! moment. We’re not quite as evolved as that Zen monk on the mountaintop!

But it’s certainly yet another surprise, another fact brought to light, that brings me to pause as I proceed along this rocky pathway to employment.


It comes down to scheduling, in a nutshell.

Fry’s tells its employees to be available for any shift on any day. Now, there are exceptions. Managers have set schedules; employees with seniority may choose their shifts.

But those at the bottom of the totem pole, which includes moi if I end up working there, are expected to be at the beck and call of the store.

For $8.05 an hour — minimum wage in Arizona.

Now, hard as this might be for Fry’s to hear, I have a life. I have a life outside of Fry’s. I have commitments through the week as well as another job.

Not only is it a job that’s career-related, it duration gives it seniority — speaking of seniority! — over Fry’s.

Now, as we dozen new hires were just informed in orientation, Fry’s comes first. They tell us so. Even if we have other jobs. Fry’s comes before any other job.

That’s not only unrealistic, it’s selfish and disrespectful.

For 8 bucks an hour.

Even if they were paying twice that, my other commitments and other job remain unchanged.

Sure, I might be more flexible or willing to make certain limited compromises at a better wage.

But minimum wage does NOT incentivize! It only shackles the ankles and wrists to a corporate beast that doesn’t give a rat’s patootie about your life or needs!

For 8 bucks an hour. Figure 7 after taxes.

+ + +

Today I was informed that I’m scheduled for training on certain times and dates. Beginning tomorrow.

Well, this is the first I’ve heard of it! I do not have each of those dates and/or times free.

“Well, we’re very shorthanded.” I understand that. I also understand that the turnover rate’s quite high at Fry’s — no doubt due in great part to the shit wages. (They’re a greedy bunch up there in Corporate!)

But to Fry’s & Kroger (Fy’s parent company), I write:

I have a life. SHOCK! It does not revolve around Fry’s. SHOCK!! It does not revolve around a job that pays a pittance. DOUBLE SHOCK!

I’m willing to have a conversation … explore your needs and mine to arrive at common ground that works and serves us both.

But I am not willing to be your slave or at your beck and call. Especially not for shit wages that truthfully are an INSULT and show no respect for work — or life — experience.

Tomorrow I’ll know more after I meet with a department manager. Everything to date indicates I have a job. Apparently.

Appearances are deceiving, as we all know.

I’m not one to tell an employer to kiss off — not in so many words anyways. 🙂

This much I can say. I’m not willing to be shackled to the demands and expectations of Fry’s — or any other employer (especially one paying peanuts). Neither am I willing or able to give up my life and sell my soul to the cold beast that is Corporate.

After a month of twists and turns, surprises and shocks, dismay and disappointment, revulsion and regard, I’ll not be surprised by whatever the outcome of tomorrow’s discussion.

Because all along the way, one thing’s been clear: I may have a job. Or I may not.
This thing with Fry’s — it’s been low-grade acid trip for weeks! And I’ve not dropped a single tab in ages!

Triiippppy …

Frying my sensibilities at Fry's?

Frying my sensibilities at Fry’s?


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