Moving’s on the mind …


I won’t say I’m making a move very soon. And if I were, I certainly wouldn’t commit to it or implement it during this Mercury retrograde (which completes this 3-1/2-week cycle this Thursday, June 11, yeah!)!

I’m just sayin’ I’m keeping’ ears and eyes open for better living conditions.

Employment comes first. It must. It has to.

Then the move. If indeed I make it sooner than desired — and it’s looking increasingly likely. It’s the upstairs Clack & Clomp Couple. Coupled with the shitty construction (no insulation, their super-thin floors and my low ceiling), their unwillingness to invest in throw rugs to dampen the sounds and improve conditions below … I try and try and try some more to relax in the place I call home. Or not.

But it’s not working. It’s working for them of course! They’ve got the nice big apartment upstairs. Me, I’m the peon beneath in a small studio with no bathtub, an ant in a tiny space beneath a mansion subject to their stompings and sounds and whatever else the lovely couple’s got going for ’em in their mansion on the hill!

Well, it’s not truly a mansion — though it certainly is a larger, nicer and more opulent space than mine. The hill part is accurate however! They live right upon the crest of the hill.

Anyways …

I awoke this morning to the sounds of their weekly Sunday ritual. Including the squeeeeeaaaaaaakkkkkkkk of furniture being dragged across wood floors as they clean.

I blew off my coffee at home — NOT relaxing! — and headed to the cafe for some relaxation and peace. My nervous system, it’s not cut out for being crowded. Being in crowds. Or being surrounded by people in my living environment.

Neither is it cut out for noise continuously in my space. Aggravating irritating noise. I want to scream STOP IT!

Actually, what I REALLY want is to scream: BE NICE! BE CONSIDERATE! Keep the noise down! Think of others living below you!

Oh well.

This apartment’s not a forever place. Moving in, I gave it maybe two years. A veritable lifetime!

But that was before I knew there were people living above me! A couple who moved in the same time I did. When I viewed the place, the apartment above was vacant so my studio was very peaceful.

It did NOT last!! When the couple moved in officially at the same time I did, all hell broke loose! That is, all hell broke loose in terms of sounds! It was so bad and so constant that within my first few days of living there, I’d already developed an Exit Plan. LEAVE!

Walk the several blocks down to Whiskey Row. Get the fuck outta my place because the neighbors were CONSTANTLY moving and rearranging furniture, pounding, stomping, walking, on and on and on …

I’ve lived a LOT of places (a guesstimated 53 addresses) in my 58 years of life. Never before with these noise issues.

I cannot win. I cannot make things better. You cannot make noise from other people go away. Only YOU can go away.

It’s the sad truth of life.

There are bad people and there are bad situations. You cannot control either. You can only go away (i.e., temporarily or permanently leave the environment). Or you can hide. Retreat deep into safety and protect your wounds. Protect yourself.

On the upside, at least I don’t live under their bedroom!! My adjoining neighbor does. His living room’s right under their bedroom. They’re a young couple (mid-20s) in love and, yeah, he too is, um, made aware of their presence. Let’s just leave it at that …

So yeah, moving’s on the mind. That’s all for today.


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