Sound Bites

A smidge of this, a sprinkle o’ that …

Drip … Drip … Drip … Done!

What can I say except that the friggin’ drippy faucet’s fixed!


Three weeks to the day after my maintenance request. Shouldn’t have taken three weeks. Three days for a response isn’t unreasonable. Especially for a company that holds its tenants to the letter of its laws or pay a hefty fine! Sigh.

Anywho. Wasn’t only a dripping faucet that was problematic. (Apparently a new washer was the fix — easy-breezy.) There was also an issue with the wall heater. A gas heater. I included that in the maintenance request.

After tinkering with it myself for a couple of days, I got it going again (hence cancelled that aspect of the request). Good thing too. If I’d waited until a response from my rental company, I may’ve been found dead from a gas leak a month later!

I exaggerate — only to make a point. Rental companies should respond to maintenance needs promptly. Especially those that demand such prompt and timely responses from their tenants. You never know when a drip might turn into a flood … or a problematic heater into an explosion.

But that’s just me. Holding people and companies accountable. {Sigh}

To Reunion or Not to Reunion

My high school (in another state) is holding its 40-year reunion this month.

Now, I’ve never been to a high school reunion. Not a one. I very much would like to attend this one. After all, it’s the big 4-0. In another 10 years, who’s to say who’ll still be around?!

Alas, for various reasons, it’s unlikely I’ll be attending. 😦 Guess that incentivizes me to stick around for the giant 5-0. 🙂

BUT There’s Still Hope

Hope for a mini-reunion. I’ve got an old high school friend who lives in a neighboring state. Since he’s not going to the big 4-0 reunion either, I’ve proposed a mini-reunion of me, him and his partner (not an alumnae).

It’s a full day’s drive to their home in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Their place is really nice, restful and truly lovely. The partner’s an artist and my friend’s an architect so the visuals and creative expressions of their home are splendid indeed.

I’d like to see them. I hope it happens.

Pluuuuuus …

Plus my feet are itching something fierce with spring finally in full swing! Late outta the gate this year and oh so welcomed! (Everyone I talk to is as ready for consistent warmth as I!)

Plus my Subbie’s purring after her recent maintenance & repairs. It’s “funny” how I know her, how well I know her. Even the most subtle of changes in sound are perceptible (to me). I just love that Subbie! She and I have a bond.

This month marks 13 years together. That’s deserving of a post. Expect I’ll get all sappy too. 😉 Sappy About Subbie. Hey, got the title already!

Get A Move On, Lil’ Doggy!

Well, I’ve been sittin’ in this chair at this here cafe for too long. Like three hours. My two Americanos are long consumed, ditto the bagel with cream cheese — a rare indulgence indeed.

The library and swimming pool beckon before live music at the Courthouse Square this evening. The opener in the summer series. It’ll be packed, family place that Prescott is. Tourist season too. Residents from Phoenix are already showing up in droves in their annual Escape from Their Furnace. Was 107 F. (41.6 C.) in Phoenix on May 31. And it’s just beginning!

Phoenix is the Armpit of the Southwest. They can have their hell hole. Myself, I prefer quality of life. And sanity. Summer sanity ‘specially 🙂

Well later, gators.

{For the people of Phoenix who are rude, obnoxious, irritable, aggressive, especially when the heat’s on}

People of Phoenix in Sweltering Summer

People of Phoenix in Sweltering Summer


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