Frankly, my dear, just fix the friggin’ faucet!

Drip … drip … drip …

No, not referring to people I’ve known. The drip … drip … drip of the kitchen faucet.

Well, took only half a month of extraordinary patience — I oughta be sainted! … well, maybe not — three emails and three weeks for my landlord and their plumbing guys to respond!

They’re coming today to fix the drip-drip-drippy faucet. Allegedly. Allegedly coming, I mean.

I really was the patron of patience waiting for my property management company to respond!

They’ve got it designed whereby residents make maintenance request online and they take it from there. Or they don’t, clearly. All very efficient and high-tech. In theory.

Like I said, I truly waited. Half a month. Gave ’em the benefit of the doubt. “They’re busy. They’re efficient. They’ll get to it. They won’t forget.”

Why would I think these insane thoughts?

Because they are STICKLERS! Sticklers as far as their tenants, I mean. If you’re late 1 minute with the rent, their timer blasts. And boom! You’re paying a $25 (if I recall) late fee! No grace period. No window of leniency.

The list goes on. There’s a fine for everything that a tenant does or doesn’t do according to the lease. Hell, there’s fines — what they call “costs of repairs” — for mere nail holes upon vacating!

In other words, they hold their tenants to the letter of their laws, big time.

But when it comes to them doing their part, repairs and such, such an attitude of laissez faire!

Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating. I am. But the point’s the same. My property management holds their tenants to strict rules, deadlines, etc. and boy will you pay if you don’t abide!

But the same promptness in rent payments and such that they expect, demand, require of their tenants … not a two-way street.

Ticks me off. ‘Cause I’m an inordinately fair person. I know, I know, it’s a curse in life!

Anyhow, after half a month of waiting for a company that demands strict and prompt adherence to its rules and conditions from others yet fails to deliver in kind, I emailed my distress.

The faucet wasn’t getting any less dry, after all!!

And asked directly and firmly: “When will this be fixed?”

Two days later the plumbing dudes rang.

Scheduled repair: today. Three weeks after the original maintenance request. Well, better than three months!

Drip … drip … drip … goes my faucet. And, hopefully after today, one of my many stressors of late down the drain!


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