Bye-bye, Click ‘n’ Clomp … hellooo, Calgon!

Memorial Day weekend in the States.

Translation: A three-day weekend for many.

I like the holidays though not for the reason you think!

For starters, I work only 11 hours a week. I want and need to be working 30! Hence time off via holidays is hardly what I want!

No. The reason I like these holiday weekends is: It’s the only time my apartment becomes quiet. Still. Serene.

Because the upstairs neighbors are away! The Click ‘n’ Clomp Couple. Click = her shoes and Clomp, his. A take on the hilarious & infamous Click ‘n’ Clack Car Guys on national radio.

I’ve talked and written on the topic to death so no need to repeat. I’ve also dialogued with them. Everything that can be done has been done — short of someone moving. 😉

The construction — zero insulation between above and below, their wood floors, my low ceilings — is what it is. Crappy. Reverberating vibrating LOUD noise is and will remain a constant irritant. Like an army of ticks burrowing into your skin. Gross! But hey, if the image fits …

I remember last Christmas. Just five months ago. Not only because it was my first Christmas in Prescott but because it was the first time “my” place fell quiet. The neighbors, who like me had moved in above just a month before, were away. For five days. Five PRECIOUS days. Five days of real peace.

It was bliss, I tell you. Utter bliss!!!

When they returned, I got really down. Down and aggravated and tense and tight. I yearned for them to go away again. Sooner than later. Even thought of paying for their getaways! That’s just symptomatic of the constant stress and aggravation I’m under.

And powerlessness. I cannot make them stop the noise. The wearing of shoes, the stomping, the {fill-in-the-blank}. I have to endure it. Or I have to move.

And moving at this time is sooo not an option; so not in the cards.

So I endure. Because it’s what I do.

Back to Memorial Day. Since it’s a 3-day weekend and the kids — the couple above — are away, I can exhale now. Begin to breathe. I hold my breath when I’m stressed … angry … frustrated … overwhelmed … I’m all of these and more!

It’s not only I who changes and relaxes when they’re gone. The energy in the apartment itself shifts. I feel it just walking in.

It becomes still. It rests. Is no longer rattling and vibrating under the assaulting hoof steps of people above.

It’s a small space, this, and offin-shaped. Indeed it WOULD be a coffin were it not for the views out two windows. The walls are thick with cinderblock and concrete.

However, its ceiling is thin and verrrrry poorly constructed. At any moment, a foot from above could come crashing through!

There’s a pulse to my apartment and it’s not mine. It’s hardly even the apartment’s! It’s the pulse of residents above.

I feel badly for the apartment. I do. Always having to be underfoot of people above. The apartment can’t get away from it. The cause lies in design and poor construction.

For myself, I feel badly as well. I know no relief or respite unless they’re gone. And that rarely happens. When IS the next holiday anyway?! July 4? Bet they’ll stick around since it falls on a Saturday. A regular weekend; not enough time for an out-of-towner.

My domestic situation is dictated by people above me — literally (and figuratively!). Mine is not a happy home or peaceful or restful or restorative or calm.

It is a home of vibrating and rattling and shaking and intrusions — noises from others.

I think of moving every day, even though now’s NOT the time. My emotions are mixed. That’s a matter for another month.

For today, the first day of the long Memorial Day weekend, I think: ahhhhhhhhhhh. My Calgon moment is arrived!! The couple above are away. I can breathe.

I best enjoy it too! Best breathe deep and fast! Soon enough they’ll return and with them bring all this crap. Soon enough, I’ll stop breathing again.

But for now and tomorrow … bliss!

Calgon, take me away!!

Calgon, take me away!! Take the neighbors too!


2 thoughts on “Bye-bye, Click ‘n’ Clomp … hellooo, Calgon!

  1. What does it say about me that Click & Clomp brings a mental picture of 2 nonchalant horses?
    Enjoy whatever moments of blissful quiet you can. If thy do leave on the 4th of July, you should enter the apartment and lay a foot thick shaggy carpet, thus the Thundering Herd would become a whisper… LOL

  2. hahaha! Two nonchalant *active* and *young* horses! :-p

    Actually, many a time I’ve thought how helpful throw rugs would be — even ran the idea by them, didn’t catch on. Maybe when I offer to pay for ’em myself …

    Ironically, used to be in that area of great noise but the powers that be tore it out right before we all moved in. Just goes to show that God does have a cruel sense of humor …

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