Samuel Adams to the Rescue!

It’s a coffee-followed-by-beer kinda morning.

Where IS She?!

Monday I got a callback to an application for a kennel assistant at a doggie resort & spa. Very excited about it too! I love animals.

As requested, I’ve called her back, left messages through the week and have yet to hear back! What more can I do short of driving to the location and leaving a note with a staff member?

Reason 1 for Beer After Coffee: Frustration for Lack of Response — with the added bonus of it being a job that I need and genuinely interests me.

And Where Is SHE?!

I interviewed last week for a bakery clerk job inside a supermarket. I’ve considerable experience in food service and specifically bakery, which drew her keen interest. Unfortunately, the job irreconcilably conflicts with my weekend radio work *that I love and am not willing to give up* and definitely not for bakery job!

Good news is the in-market cafe also needs baristas. Am definitely interested! It’d mean meeting people, engaging with the community AND above all learning new skills. So not same ol’ same ol’ lame crap job I’ve done a hundred times puttin’ me to sleep!

Followed that interview up with an email thank you and delighted show of interest in that cafe job. Haven’t heard back from her either! She’s a district manager so quite busy so emailed her again. In the meantime, I sit and wait.

Reason 2 for Beer After Coffee: Aggravation for Lack of Response — with the added bonus of it being a job that I need and genuinely interests me.

What’s Going On With My Car?!

Weirdest thing. Took the Subbie in last week for repair work and required maintenance. Several days later, she started acting … flukey.

Flukey as in: sometimes she starts, sometimes she doesn’t. When she doesn’t, there’s no sound. No clicking or anything. As if the battery’s dead. No lights. No power. The radio presets disappear and the clock resets to the default 1 o’clock.

I fiddle with the negative cable of the battery, which eventually gets it going. So far. Obviously not a long-term solution!

Whether the problem’s in the battery — which isn’t very old — or elsewhere is to be determined.

Today I’ll take her to Auto Zone, where they conduct free checks of battery and electrical system.

Perhaps it’s a simple fix. Perhaps it’s worse. Dunno. In the five days since she her repairs at the dealer, she’s “blacked out” three times. Including last night after work at 12:15 in the morning! I work in an industrial neighborhood that’s remote at night. I don’t feel unsafe but am definitely far from help.

Reason 3 for Beer After Coffee: A Car Who’s Acting Wacky After Recent Repairs.

Dread Ma Bed!

You don’t wanna hear the story, trust me. Suffice it to say my Bed from Purgatory’s doing a lot of physical damage. There’s no rest for the weary. There IS damage and crippling. It needs to go. Needs to be replaced. With what, I do not know and have been researching that extensively.

Some things can’t be fixed. Like this bed. I hate it. I dread ma bed! Damn thing’s crippling me. Literally.

Reason 4 for Beer After Coffee: Pain & Crippling So-Called Slumber.

I feel a Drink-On comin’ on! Oh yes I do! Tonight. Whiskey Row. Craft beer. Whiskey sour. Live music.

When life slaps ya hard in the face and knocks ya to the ground, sometimes the best ya can do is turn the other cheek and ice the hurt. Starting with a chilled glass. 🙂

Salud! Here’s to a day that started crappy and is sure to get crappier better!

May 21 breakfast:




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