Interviews: Appetizers of Adventures

Two down, one to go.

A stream — OK, trickle 🙂 — of job interviews in five days.

Speedy Gonzales

Though his name’s David, not Gonzales. The first interview likely set a record for fastest ever! Kitchen position in a verrrrry busy deli.

First question he ask is what am I looking for. I answer.

He says he doesn’t think this is the job I’m looking for.
Even with my tons of food-service experience, my go-to survival job in absence of career opportunities.

So I’m surprised. I ask why.

He informs me, rightfully, that it’s a verrrrry busy kitchen, a stressful environment with a staff of young men who are immature. His words.

I can’t disagree. I’ve worked in a lotta kitchens. Service industry jobs, including food, tend to draw an immature, undereducated or uneducated, unsophisticated and less-than-worldly-wise crew.

I’m 58 and female. I see his point. We chat about possibly a dishwashing/driver position being a better fit but that’d be down the road, no openings now.

The gist of the interview’s done in under 30 seconds! You’ve heard of speed-dating, well, this was speed interviewing. Least I leave with no false hope and he gets back to his demanding job.

Number 1’s crossed off the list.

<strong>Earth to Commander Tom

Number 2 interview, yesterday, is for master board operator at the cable TV station.

I’m thrilled they call me in for an interview! Jobs in my field (broadcasting) in this area are virtually nil.

I go in aware that I’m not the best candidate. I don’t have the skills set. Experience is preferred but they’re willing to train. A wise move since the odds of finding someone with these TV techie skills are slim in this small town.

I like the guy. He gives me the grand tour. It’s just as you’d picture a master board room at a TV station. Some 10 flat screens on the wall airing dissimilar programs, a board in the center of the room. Like a command center on a spaceship!

A strong air-circulation system, designed no doubt to keep beaucoup equipment cool, is noted; cool wind, a potential health issue for me.

Not a huuuuuuuuge operation but certainly substantial. And certainly techie! Numbers and programs flash and scroll on screens, pages of log sheets stand erect by the board.

We talk at length, enjoyably. I like him. While I admit to being a closet geek, full time at techie stuff would be too much for me. More importantly, there are scheduling conflicts with my PT weekend job and other commitments through the week. I’m upfront about it. He understands. So it’s a pass, we concur. But we keep the door open to PT possibilities in another department, we agree.

We shake hands most pleasantly and I depart very appreciative of his time and the opportunity to meet and see the facility.

Number 2’s crossed off the list.

What’s Waiting?

Number 3 awaits in about an hour.

This, too, is a job with scheduling conflicts/issues. I know this going in. Still, it’s worth making the long drive (guesstimated 25 minutes) to meet them and see what’s what.

They have two positions. One’s a pool attendant and the other a guest attendant at the clubhouse in this nice housing complex.

I could do either though am more interested in the guest attendant role because it involves wearing many hats; my inherent capabilities are through the roof, they truly are! The boredom factor sets in for me SUPER fast when I’m doing just one task over and over and over and over and over …. {eyes glazing over …}. Many hats are my friends!

That said, I AM going in aware that the scheduling’s problematic, probably unworkable. Plus the distance. It’s a drive and while the wage isn’t terrible, it’d be eroded by escalating gas prices and auto wear-and-tear.

So I’m cautiously optimistic. I want to meet the woman with whom I spoke, she sounds nice, and see the place.

Interviews are appetizers of adventure. They afford opportunity to see new places, meet new people and venture into parts of town not often or normally visited.

So The Shortest Interview Ever … Too Techie and Conflicts with Weekend Job and Other Commitments … and to-be-determined, the No. 3 interview anon … through them, I’m having a good time. I really am!

They’re adventures. Adventures with purpose and a goal — the goal of employment, in case ya missed it amid all this fun, haha.

Though the first two opportunities are no-go and the third’s likely to meet the same fate, I’m very grateful to have been called in at all. I truly am.

I cannot overstate that. Having been ignored, unseen and utterly and devastatingly invisible for soo so so very long (Tacoma Traucoma anyone? — Tacoma + Trauma), that I’m receiving, via resumes, any attention at all and gaining glimmers of visibility, well, that speaks volumes not to me but to my town. I AM at last in a town that’s right for me! (58 years into life but who’s counting?! ;-p)

Looking forward to tasting appetizer No. 3. And it won’t stop there, voracious adventurer that I am. Were I to prognosticate, I’d say No. 3 isn’t the one either something more compatible with my schedule and commitments lies on the horizon.

Off I go. See y’all ’round the bend …


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