Door number 1 or 2 or 3. What’s to be?

Spring’s springing in town.

In my life too!

The local job market’s showing signs of life with springtime and gradual roll into the tourist season.

Hard to believe I’m even writing these words but I’ve had a few responses to recent applications!

One’s an independent cable TV station that’s looking for a master board controller. That interview’s Monday.

The second’s at a “plush” community with nice amenities including a clubhouse and pool. They’re seeking a pool attendant as well as an all-around-wearer-of-many-hats, including reception, for the community center. That interview’s Tuesday.

Also received a callback at a nearby deli that’s looking for a kitchen person. Today I’ll follow through and hopefully arrange that interview for early next week as well.

Oddly — coincidentally? — I happen to know someone who works at the TV station AND a former employee at the deli! In the latter, the two parted on not-good terms so best not to drop names.

Three very different jobs. Master board operator. Guest attendant and/or pool attendant. Kitchen worker.

And three very different schedules.

This is notable because I work late nights on weekends at the radio station (and am way too old for the late night-early morning change-a-roo routine). I like my job and want to keep it. Moreover, I’d like to be given additional training and responsibilities (and shifts). So I need the new second job, whatever it ends up being, to harmonize with that situation.

Also, it’s time to follow up on an application at Costco, which too is readying for its busy season. Now there’s a place I’d loooove to work! Been trying for years to get my foot in that popular door!

In the end, will it be what’s behind door number 1 or 2 or 3? Or another door yet to be presented? Only time’ll tell.

I’m more than ready to work. And not only for financial reasons, which of course are not to be underestimated or overlooked! I need to be constructive, productive and interacting with the community.

I don’t wanna continue to degrade and waste my life or cheapen my value so painfully at some job any job — the childhood A Job Is A Job mantra — that I cry through the job (yes, I’ve done that a lot) and come home wanting to slit my wrists.

I want this move into the workplace to be better than the ones before … and this season in my life to be better than the ones before. I truly do.

I want to do something that matters to me .. that makes my heart sing … my bank account buzz {in a good way} … and perhaps above all builds a foundation in my life that is absolutely lacking and puts me back on my path.

Spirit/God/Universe/All That Is and I know what that path is. I know how far from it I’ve strayed … some by my own hand but most through conditions and forces outside my choice and control. I live and breathe the off-path life nearly every moment of every day.

In a nutshell, with these various job matters percolating and popping up, however it all shakes down eventually, I’d ask to be guided into the workplace that is right for me. That supports me. That inspires me. That lifts me up from the darkness and dregs of my former existence. That raises my childhood consciousness of “I’m nothing but a POS and a slave ” into “yes, life CAN actually be pleasurable, enriching and rewarding … AND I can write and support myself doing so!”

That’s my prayer for now and into the coming week. To be put workwise into the right place … instead of the wrong place because of that damn A Job Is A Job mantra that was burned and branded into my brain by my dad. I love him to death; still, he truly did me no favors on this count.

Prayers for the right place and for flow and for things to happen as they’re supposed to for my good and the good of my life.

Stay tuned, this ain’t over yet. 🙂


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