I’m shocked! Pleasantly.

I arose this morning to a response from a job application.

That alone’s headline news! As anyone in the U.S. jobs (“jobs”) market can tell you, no response is the norm. The new norm. Not even a courteous “thank you for your application” auto-reply is forthcoming these days. Sad. Pathetic.

I look at the unrecognized phone number wondering who called. I’ve been layin’ out the resumes and filling out online applications thick these days.

I’ve got spring fever. For me, that means a fever to work. I’m goin’ stir-crazy here not working (apart from my 11 hours at the radio station over the weekend)! I am definitely not wired for being a kept woman. Or for laziness! Take that, Depend-on-the-Government Entitled American Socialists!

I expect it’s a voice mail from an eatery. Food-service jobs comprise the vast majority of my job applications. Not for any insatiable appetite for more of the same ol’ same ol’ wasting my life at menial minimum-wage jobs that have absolutely zero bearing on my path, purpose and career.

It’s complicated. It’s messy. It’s nuthin’ I wish to go into yet again!

Fact is, service jobs are warming up as Prescott slides into the tourist season. In six months, half these service folks’ll be out of work.

So I push the voice-mail arrow, wondering which eatery is responding to a resume.

Why, it’s no eatery at all!!

It’s a local TV station. The independent cable station.

They’re recruiting a master control board operator.

I’d emailed my resume. My career resume, that is.

The one that’s the “real me.” The one that highlights my education and background in journalism, writing, editing, my career in the States and 10-year communications career in Japan, and, of late, my current job running the board at a radio station.

As opposed to my Lame Crap Jobs resume. An entirely separate and different resume altogether! That one highlights my second (and unintended) career as a POS slave laborer, basically. It’s some but not all of the Lame Crap menial service jobs I’ve suffered and endured these past 10+ years. I’ve actually over backwards to really dumb myself down on that resume.

Ya have to. There’s no way a guy reviewing resumes for a dishwasher job is gonna care about my career in journalism or my 10 years in print and business writing in Japan!!

My resumes and work history are schizophrenic. I’m the first to admit it! On paper — on the Lame Crap Jobs resumes — I look like a TOTAL loser just outta prison and on the run who can’t keep it together long enough to stay at a job for even 6 months! Yep, most of those Lame Crap Jobs last 3-6 months until I’m off to the next one down the line.


I was so excited when I saw that master control board operator posted on craigslist! Real jobs like that don’t pop up often here. Moreover, jobs in my FIELD — even less so!!

So I redrafted my career resume, cyber-penned a nice cover letter and out they went across the airwaves!

I really expected to hear zero. In huge part because fortune and luck tend not to be with me in career searches. In the United States. Japan was a different story. There are exceptions. But as a rule, and particularly in my career aspirations, I live my life invisible and overlooked. Not by choice, believe me! People … well, they suck. Not all. Most.

I listen to the message. Fellow has a nice voice. They’re reviewing resumes and he wonders whether I’d like to come in for an interview and see whether this is a fit.


A mitigated yes. No, not being a downer. Fact is, this job is above my skills level. Experience is preferred but they’re willing to train.

I guarantee there’ll be several others with either the spot-on skills set or damn near close whom they’ll interview. It’s an employers’ market.

I’m underqualified, though capable of learning. There’ll be others who are better candidates.

Still, I’m thrilled. Just to be called in for an interview for a job IN MY FIELD is a huge YEY!!! Things like this just don’t happen to me!

BTW, evidently neither do calls for my extensive food- and service-jobs experience. All those resumes and applications for like bakery clerk, dishwasher, you get the picture, zip, zero, nada.

What’s a girl gotta do to get a job these days?!

So I’ll call that fellow with the nice voice back to schedule our interview. If you gotta peel me up off the floor today because I got an interview invite for a job that REALLY MIGHT INTEREST AND ENGAGE ME — WHOOOOOAAAAAAAAAA!! — imagine the response if it’s actually offered!!

It won’t be. Still, it’s a day that began well. Also, a reminder that perhaps I really have no business wasting another decade of my life scrubbing toilets, mopping floors, lifting 40-pound boxes of bananas in a warehouse or suffering young people who are more wedded to their texting and cell phones than any work ethics.

Dunno. Today, I’m just joyful I got a callback for something I care about.

Living in pleasure and hope is a whole lot different than enduring darkness and isolation. This is what I am slowly learning.


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