whoo-hoo! part two

It’s on!

The interview, that is. For the master board operator at the local independent cable TV station. Monday afternoon.

I’m excited! Not so much because I think I’m their best candidate or that I’ll get an offer. I’m not and it’s unlikely, respectively.

I’m just so excited that my career resume got noticed at all! Excited at a shot at a job in my career! A long shot, sure.

But after a decade of lowered standards and begging for A Job Any Job no matter how degrading, demeaning and detrimental and beneath my abilities, experience, skills and intelligence … to actually be brought in for a job that’ll require use of my brain …. that is big Big BIG!!!

Brain use: Good.
Scrubbing toilets, mopping floors, schlepping orders in a warehouse: Not so much.

Excited to meet the fellow and see the facility. Monday seems a ways away. Yet there’s something to be said about anticipation … sweet antici….pation!


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