Alert to the snow-wearied: Do not read!

Finally! Precipitation!

More! More! More! Pretty please!

More! More! More! Pretty please!

The view from my window when I awoke about 2 hours ago. Normally the town’s visible beyond that tree there. Today, not so much …

While this is about the last thing that much of the country, worn out by Winter 2015, wants to see, Arizona, along with Utah and other Southwest states, welcome it! We’re mired in a severe and lingering drought. We *wish* for and soooo need some of that wet stuff! Our land is dry, bodies of water are hurting for replenishment.

I didn’t believe it when I heard it last night. “More rain and snow on the way.” As it stood, the weather forecasters had once again overstated, overdramatized, overhyped a “massive storm” that’d deliver “days of rain and snow from Saturday through Monday.”

Typical liberal media “the sky is falling! NOW!” Everything’s a crisis with the media except Fox. However, this is Arizona. One of the very few remaining vestiges of conservatism, reason and freedom from the socialist takeover by Obama and the libs and the outpouring of crap from from his lapdogs media. The liberal press, and hence its overblown overkill weather reporting, are not part of this terrain. Most people here don’t buy into it.

So when days of drenching precipitation didn’t materialize (wasn’t even close!) my skepticism about the trustworthiness of weather forecasting was only fueled.

But! Snow they predicted for Monday and snow is what we’re getting! Yeeeeey!! Yahoooooo! *Boy do we need it!!!*

Won’t be much, they say. About 1-3 inches accumulation. Come tomorrow, the storm’ll travel eastward. Personally, I wouldn’t object if it stuck around for five days or so. We so need the moisture. And aside from a staff meeting anon, there’s nowhere I *have* to be or that I can’t walk to to replenish supplies or relieve cabin fever.

The pic above shows what I awoke to; it’s just the beginning. Forgoing the coffee, I hastened into street clothes and moved my car. Away from its spot along a very steep slope (approximately 60-degree incline) and down the hill to a lower-level dirt incropping.

I discovered during the whopper New Year’s snowstorm just how un-doable my driveway becomes in snow and ice. It demands gradual and measured dual maneuvering of backing out in reverse and a precise timely sharp turn that even in the best of conditions are tricky. In snow and ice, it’s a slide down a hill waiting to happen. No thank you.

I’ve chosen to live in Arizona for many reasons and one of them is snow. I’ve lived in snow states and cities. While my Nordic genes and I quite enjoy it, I don’t care to relive it knee-deep. Don’t care for the hassles. Above all, I loathe the moronic drivers. (Don’t get me started on that vitriolic topic!) It’s really they who’ve driven me out of snowy sites. I hate stupid.

It’s nice to see weather that’s different from the usual crisp bright blue skies and sunshine! Which is not to in ANY WAY imply that I tire of them! No! No! No! No. I barely got out with my life from the gloom of god-awful Washington state / Puget Sound. That’s one state — and the only state in the union — that I’l never step foot in again. Unless I were en route to Canada. And even then I’d take the long way around. It’s a vow I made when I got out and one that I WILL keep for the rest of my life.

The snow’s building. Evidently it’s keeping the neighbors away from their workplaces. They’re up there, making all kinds of racket again. Moving furniture for across their wooden floors for the 100th time. The one downside to the white stuff today.

After living under continuous activity and noise for 3+ months, I’m truly feeling that there’s something wrong with him. Something’s off. Maybe ADD or hyperactivity. He’s unable to stop moving or doing something “manly” like reconstructing and renovating.

Were that the pretty snow that buffers sounds and silences could be dumped into Apartment A above! I’d do it. I would! Would give them thermal socks or such to protect the feet. Don’t wish frostbite upon the Noisy Neighbors. Only the Sounds of Silence.

And plenty more precipitation for Arizona and this here northern region. It’s needed like a fish needs water. Like a bird needs air for flight. Like a mountain goat needs to climb. Like a body needs sleep. Like this girl needs a shot of rye whiskey to stave off the chill. (oops, did I say that aloud?)

Salud to snow!




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