Astro chatter: Retro Mercury’s about to change its flight path

Two days and counting.

A few hours shy of 48 hours until retrograding Mercury turns stationary direct.

It’s not that I’m at odds with Mercury retrograde. On the contrary. I’ve gained valuable insight, knowledge and understanding of Mercury in retrograde, what it means, what to do and not do during the 3-1/2 weeks of retrograde (closer to 8 weeks when including the front- and back-end shadows). Both life experience and Mercury have schooled me well on how to ride the bumpy surf that Mercury retro is.

So I’m counting the days not because of the retrograde itself, rather the sign it’s now traveling in. Aquarius. An air sign.

That’s made the ride dicier and challenging for me because I’ve no planets in air signs. Not a one. Closest I get is Mars in 28 degrees Taurus. A mere 3 degrees from Gemini. Hence there is some bleed-through that imbues my Taurus Mars with Gemini qualities.

Still, it is Mars in Taurus. As Mars likes to remind me. Moreso it’s Pluto, in Leo in exact square to Mars, that won’t let me forget! Those two are rugged individually. Together, they’re powerful forces. When tension arises {square = tension}, when their synergetic powers are unleashed, wow, get out of the way! They could move a mountain. Or bring down a 30-story building with two hands.

On the other hand, squares do bring immense challenges and opportunities for growth and evolution. With Mars the physical planet and Pluto the one of profound creative transformation, truly great things can be accomplished when their energies are harnessed and directed toward transformation and healing.

Squares (a square = 90 degrees planetary separation, with a 5-degree window on either side) often get a bad rap in astrology. I’ve been guilty of it. They are NOT easy, granted. When employed wisely, however, squares are enormous tools and avenues for soul growth. More so than with any other aspect in astrology, methinks. “No one works harder than someone with a square” is what I’d say!

I digress. Back to Mercury retrograding in airy Aquarius (from 17 to 4 degrees). I’ve no planets in air and hence am feeling the edginess (along with millions of others). Mercury retro in Aquarius will do that to anyone. Point is, as primarily a water baby and secondarily an earth mama, Mercury retro in any air sign is bound to rattle my cage pretty significantly.

In astrology, Aquarius is air. Air is mental. Thoughts. Dialogues happening in the head with one’s self or others. For me, as water baby and earth mama, there’s no place to plant the feet or waters to soothe the soul.

Merc retro in Aquarius is a hamster spinning circles on its wheel. “I can get there. I can get there. Wait, where the fuck am I going? Didn’t I cover this ground like 1,000 times already?!”

Revisiting. One of the effects of Merc retro. So not a bad thing by any means. But it’s hard to get outta the head when Mercury’s retro in an air sign (air signs = Aquarius, Gemini, Libra).

So in a way, Wednesday morning, when retro ends and Mercury resumes direct motion, can’t come soon enough! Of course, it will come when it comes and I’ll wait patiently. One cannot hurry the river, even when that river is flowing in reverse. A good analogy for Merc retro. There’s still that back-end shadow until March 2; however, the dust will begin to lift and air clear by Valentine’s Day.

Once Mercury leaves Aquarius and enters Pisces (on March 14, a day before my birthday!), I expect to be feeling better than I have. For starters, Pisces is my sign and its water my element. Probably bring a spring back to my step and ease that hamster-on-the-wheel retro effect.

I cringe to look ahead to the next retrograde. But I will. May 18-June 11. In Gemini (13 to 4 degrees). Also an air sign. That’ll be a doozy, for everyone and me too ’cause it’ll be in my 12th house {eeeyow!} With May still months away, I’m not gonna obsess or bite my nails just yet. I’ll hafta hang tight through that Merc-retro in Gemini surf! Or is that hang 10?! {Perhaps a poster of this on the wall would be a helpful reminder come May!)


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