Damn! One dandy drink-on indeed!

Sometimes a girl’s gotta get her drink on!

But make no mistake. There’s a price to be paid too.

Last night was a good night. Unplanned. Didn’t venture out with intention of getting my drink on. Just happened, the way things flowed.

‘Twas a night paced well over some six hours. Also involved light fare. Not eating before or during drinking is my downfall. Especially before. I have food issues. Why, reckon if we could live off air, I would! Regardless of how many occasions I’m reminded of the consequences of drinkee-no-eatee, I still do it again, eventually.

I’m tuned into my body and its limits. Truth is sometimes a girl’s gotta get her drink on!

Do not misunderstand. Getting your drink on does not mean getting plastered (though on occasions, there’s a place for that as well). There’s an art to getting your drink on.

No to blinding inebriation.

No to so much drink that your legs no longer carry you … or the world’s spinning … or you’re falling into bushes or behind dumpters barfing … or your john if you do manage to get home — and please, I beg you, take a taxi or have another drive you!!

A good drink-on does not involve hanging onto the toilet’s seat intermittently puking your guts out and passing out for hours. Or sleeping hovered over the bowl or on floor because even the slightest movement sets off another round of dry heaving.

Been to those places and honest to god never wish to revisit!

Extreme intoxication: Definitely not the goal of a good drink-on.

A good drink-on means imbibing juuuust beyond your normal and healthy limit where you remain functional, coherent and cheerful (hopefully), yet are comfortably and sanely buzzed.

A fine line indeed, that which divides “comfortably drunk” from “waaaaasted.”

It requires knowing your limit and pacing.

Last night, I toed that line and then stopped. One more whiskey sour would’ve furthered the inebriation in not good ways.

I felt good. Wasn’t nauseous or puking when I got home, neither was the world turning in that way that only someone who’s been there knows. That’s always a bad sign and omen.

I did however inhale waaaaaay too many veggie straw chips late at night. The classic carbs-craving of alcohol.

Thing about getting your drink on is that it’s cleansing.

WHAT?! you may exclaim in disbelief. Go ahead. Not the first time I’ve said something “shocking” or misunderstood or boldly unconventional and it certainly won’t be the last!

Getting your drink on, particularly when done successfully per conditions described, loosens things up. It relaxes. It shifts internal blockages, rattles areas of stagnation. It encourages flow.

Getting your drink on acts as a reset button. I don’t fully grasp all the physiological science and wholistic (mind-body-emotions) workings and details — though I could self-educate if I cared to take the time. I just know that it does. It resets the system. Rebalances. Lubricates. Like putting oil in the car.

Getting your drink on isn’t to be done every day. Repeat: Getting your drink on isn’t to be done every day. Doing so is to sow seeds of alcoholism.

There’s a balance and timeliness to it. Reckon around twice a year is sufficient — but adjustable according to the individual, his/her body, the depth and breadth of emotional stressors and issues, where the individual is overall in his/her life.

The price paid of course is obvious. Going to bed with alcohol floating around in the system can be disruptive to sleep, wildly so. Can leave you groggy when you get up. Headachey. Draggy. Dehydrated definitely.

It can cause you to sleep in later or simply linger in bed longer than you should. In my case, I slept in a ballpark 1-1.5 hours past my norm. Rising at half past noon is late even for this nocturnal creature.

However, aside from dehydration, I feel fantastic! Excited to greet the day — though technically it’s half over. Feel like a few emotional issues shifted some.

I’m noticing how vibrant blue the sky is and cloudless and how bright the sunshine. Gots to loooooooove this Arizona sun! It’s featured on our state flag, my blog banner too.

For the record, I don’t drink crap beer. That’s an important element in a successful drink-on. NOOOOO crap beer or spirits! Nothing derails and destroys a successful drink-on quicker!

I’m all about quality and craftsmanship in life and that includes my pints. Fortunately, the microbrew business is booming in Arizona and my town so craft beers are no farther than a 4-block walk.

Two smoked porters
One blonde ale (all pints)
Two whiskey sours

Over six hours and notably with food.

Filed for future reference. Evidently the perfect recipe for this girl’s drink-on.


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