Later, Lansing and buh-bye, Bonobo Baby

S’long, Lansing. I hardly knew ye.

Actually, I’ve never even been to Lansing, Michigan. However, did just complete this puzzle:


Lansing Remembered. 550 pieces. Took some time. Partly ’cause my puzzle time was in sporadic bursts rather than long dedicated hours that’d keep me up ’til 4 or 5 a.m. Partly because of these:



Note the extensive slight shading gradations. Most of the puzzle was like that. A microscope alongside wouldn’t have been a bad idea.

While I’m patient, meticulous and have otherworldly love of detail, details like barely perceptible shifts in shadings do make for slow going. Plus a tedium that only a patient person with exceptional love of detail might enjoy!

But it’s done. Always a sense of a accomplishment in one finished. Once it’s done, it’s done. Doesn’t lie around on my table. The joy and satisfaction don’t lie in a puzzle completed. They rest in the process. Long hours, sometimes painstaking, of testing, linking pieces. Therein is the gratification. It’s in the process. The endeavor. The work.

Sidenote: I’m fully aware I’m a freak in modern America of Entitlers and No-Wanna-Work under the Obama Socialist regime. I LOVE to work! Become deeply depressed if I’m not being productive and contributing. FREAK!

And work a puzzle is. Pleasurable work. Work nonetheless.

Once it’s completed, I enjoy it for about a day. Then box it up and move it on to the next “puzzler.”

Note: I always break up the pieces 100%. Don’t like used puzzles with pieces attached. Even if it’s just two. Matter of fact, saw today a used puzzle with huge blocks still intact. Rankles me. I separate attached pieces before starting. The purity and beauty of a puzzle are in starting from scratch, with a clean slate. Availing one’s self of pieces linked is cheating.

So s’long Lansing Remembered. Back into the pool of free library puzzles you go.

Had the next one all lined up.


Bonobo Baby. Cute, nest pas?

Got started around midnight after work. Laid out the 500 pieces. Even grouped ’em by colors to assist workflow. Cordoned off straight edges for the framing. Got a portion of framing done and kept thinking: I’m not enjoying this.

It’s different. Keep going.

So I did. Again: not enjoying this. Doing just half the frame was drudgery. I’m not one to bow out easily. On the contrary. My problem’s that I endure. Stick around far too long in situations abusive, hurtful, destructive, ruinous.

I AM growing past those childhood means of survival. Growing beyond deep suffering into ease of life. In that light: No. Not enjoying this puzzle now. {surveying the landscape} Won’t enjoy it any more later.

So an hour later, back into the box went Bonobo Baby.

Reason? Have a look.


A keen observer will notice instantly. Pieces are angular. Only the piece in upper left corner is a true straight-edged frame piece. All the others have edges straight or nearly so. Differences in shapes are minute. Needed my metaphorical magnifying eyepiece to examine whether edges that seemed to line up truly did. Over and over. Ugh.

Limited color scheme didn’t help matters. Varying shades of blacks and greens and little more. All around the puzzle sucked. Yup, I gave it go. Recognized the challenge of all angular pieces. Went for it. Tried my best. Ultimately decided that it not only ruined the pleasure of puzzling, it bored me.

Learned though that I LIKE (and need) the nuances and variations of pieces. It’s FUN to study, discern and test what piece may link with another based on shape, color, peculiarities of details! Variety: good! Sameness: Dull & uninspiring.

So it was buh-bye Bonobo Baby. Back into the box you go. Sorry, baby. Don’t take it hard. We just weren’t meant to be.

Exchanged Lansing and Bonobo for two at the library. None with angular edges, I checked. Learned my lesson. You’ll just have to remain patiently in a state of suspended puzzlement until I air what’s on tap. 🙂

Addendum: No animals were harmed in the return of Bonobo Baby.



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