S is for showers, slumberwear, sucky new battery

Opaque veil of gray and wet. At 42 F., it’s too warm to snow so Saturday showers it shall be!

Perfect for staying in my PJs all day. Well, until 7 p.m., when I go to work. On second thought, I could easily stay in my pajamas! It’s just me and Scott, compadre radio board operator, for all of 5 minutes in a shift change.

Then it’s just me and Caesar. Sir Caesar, I call him, the very loved, spoiled and  — in the view of the 20-year-old — cat supreme. Some day I shall blog on Caesar. For today, he merits a mention. Sir Caesar could not care less if I showed in my PJs!  Neither, frankly, would Scott.  Love the loose dress code at the station!

Moving off slumberwear back to  Saturday showers. The rain’s an invitation to stay home cozy and warm. Listening to Pandora. The Dylan station receives max air play. If you know Pandora then you know that of course it’s not Dylan or any artist all the time. The Dylan station plays such variety of the music I love and grew up with, it beats out the “competition.”

Yes,  in its gray wetness, a perfect day to kick back. Chill. Listen to Pandora. Write. Scour the Internet for submission opportunities for a thrill story — all of it true! Drink one too many coffees. But not one too many beers. Work shift tonight. Being even slightly inebriated on the air is not an adventure I seek.

Work on my 550-piece puzzle, nearly finished. Read a suspense novel from the library that I’ve renewed already once. Slow going, that read. Not the book’s fault. Mine.

I could cook. Continue doing as I’m doing now: staring out the window across the veiled landscape of treetops, rooftops cushioned by mountains. A drizzly sky punctuated occasionally by a black crow in flight.

So many choices! But the one I’m NOT going to do is remain toasty warm ‘n’ cozy, venturing out tonight only when work beckons.

It’s the fault of one small thing. A thing about yey big. Being that you can’t see my fingertips, I’ll post a pic:


That’s right. An iPhone battery. A fresh one replacing the original dead 3-year-old installed by a local tech repair business.

That new battery. Let’s put it this way. Yesterday noonish, it was 100% charged. By evening, when I went to use it, it was dead as dead. Black screen. Not even a last wheezing breath of light.

I am not pleased. However, they have a 30-day warranty so the battery will be replaced. If they have it in stock. The iPhone 4 is not ancient history. Yet. But it’s moving there. Fast. My phone’s served me well in the past 3+ years. No reason to dump it for brighter bolder bigger cooler smarter faster {did I miss any?) model.

That’s about it from this corner of the world, rather, perch atop a hill, in rainy Prescott.  Looks like the showers are lightening.

Lightening. Lightening fast. Oh yeah, I forgot that adjective. See ya later, alligators. In a while, crocodile.


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