Time to get back to writing, promptly!

The local daily prompts ain’t doin’ it for me. Go figure.

So I’m strikin’ out on my own. Not for the first time, I might add! Pretty much the theme and tone of my life!

Anyhow, I’ve got this book. “A Writer’s Book of Days” by Judy Reeves. Had it for years. Used it off and on to stimulate the muse. Its pages are worn and turned up at the lower right corner. Disfigured by a liquid spill. May’ve dropped it once in the tub where I like to read.

Anyhow, it’s a book with history that I won’t go into. Many emotions attached to that book, most of ’em not particularly loving or kind to self.

That was yesterday and yesteryears. 2015 is designed to be a good year for me. A year of opportunities, growth, achievements. They require of me to play my cards smartly. And one of the smartest cards I can play is the Ace of Diamonds.


Heck, don’t even know what that means!! haha Why’d that come up?

I’m familiar with cartomancy — the art of fortune-telling with standard playing cards — but can’t claim even a working knowledge. (Tarot, on the other hand, I do know well.) So I’ll look up the that card’s meaning momentarily.

Meanwhile, it’s time to reacquaint myself with “A Writer’s Book of Days.” Revisit that ol’ friend — who comes loaded with baggage. My baggage, not the book’s.  Becoming friends with myself is one pending achievement (let’s call it and back to playing my cards smartly).

Before I open the book to today’s prompt, with response in its own post, I’m gonna look up that Ace of Diamonds: the smart if not smartest card I can play in 2015. Here goes … from a fairly randomly-chosen site:

acediamonds“The goals you have been focusing on will soon become a reality.

You will hear great news!

A beneficial new beginning is coming.

All aces are about new beginnings and embarking on unknown exciting adventures. Expect the start of a new cycle of prosperity and accomplishments.

WaterQueene’s Notes: 

Gypsy fortunetellers have long associated the Ace of Diamonds with an important letter. Think about it; the diamond on the card is shaped like an envelope. Modern psychics tend to interpret all things “diamonds” as “messages that arrive by electronic means.” You will receive an important e-mail or text message soon. There is positive news about your finances on the way. The Ace of Diamonds sometimes announces a gift of fine jewelry; it may even mean an engagement ring!”

hahaha! I can say no to that! And yes to all the rest!


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