As the (calendar) page turns: contemplations

A candle burns in every window — three.

The studio’s sparkling clean. Spaces are cleared of outdated papers and tidy. Everything’s put back in its place.

My 18 books (I can’t allow myself the luxury of books, I move too much!) are now unpacked and set alongside the printer on their temporary (box) table.

Dishes are washed and put away. The trash is ready to be taken out. I’m really big about emptying the residence of trash before New Year’s! Superstitious almost!

Along those same lines, I’ve deleted old emails from the computer.

Small colored Christmas lights illuminate one wall, the one I most often face with the stereo and vision board there.

To bid farewell to 2014 and welcome in the new, I burned frankincense and myrrh. Not before wrapping plastic bags around the two smoke detectors! These ceilings are rather low and the detectors quite sensitive!

Even a blackened piece of toast would set it off the kitchen’s detector, a mere few steps away from the stove! Rather than climb up to yank the thing off every time a pan smoked a little too much, I sealed it inside a tightly-wound plastic bag. Illegal I know but no more beeping! {The bedroom detector meanwhile I leave uncovered just in case …}

Anyways, it’s early still. Only 6.30 in the evening. A few hours before I hoof the several blocks to Whiskey Row. The snow’s stopped, not the cold! It’s like 25 degrees now headed to a low of 19. I’ll need that drink in me to keep me warm!

I have a dream. A passion. Things I dearly and deeply desire in 2015. I daresay that at the top of the list with a few others is more hours at the radio station!

There, I said it! Wrote it!

I loooove where I work. It’s a long story (and not an entirely happy one) how I got there. Now that I’m there some five months and growing, I yearn for more — indeed would love more! I desire many more hours than the 11 per week I currently have. I’m very very grateful for those hours.

It’s about joy, really.

I’m joyful when I’m there during my two shifts. I’ll take as many hours as they’ll give me and need me for! I’ll take learning many more skills, new duties and responsibilities! I’ll embrace them!

My vision board done at the Dec. 22 new moon stars a number of life areas, including, yes, this passion. It reads – quote – Many more hours in radio!  In letters of various colors and sizes cut from magazines.

With around six hours left in 2014 (here in the Mountain Time zone), I wanted to put that out there. And that I’m not looking back and bemoaning the ill fortunes  {and there have been some} or fucked-up residences {oh have there been those!} of 2014.

As I do look back in these closing hours, I do so with gratitude more than anything. I’m so very grateful for so much. Arizona. Prescott. Especially Prescott! The community. The friends I’ve made. The connections I’ve experienced.

The incredible cheerfulness and goodwill and generosity that define this town.  The two healers (M. & S.) assisting me with serious health issues. The YMCA and its FABULOUS pool!

Every person who has touched me while I’m out and about, including strangers. Especially strangers! The many random acts of kindness that I’ve received and that I’ve given. I totally believe — correction, KNOW — that small acts of kindness multiply and multiply and spread the joy and the light.

I’m grateful to no longer have roommates and after three moves in seven months to land in a little space of my own that I love (noisy upstairs neighbors notwithstanding) with a fantastic view of the sky and treetops and buildings in the town I just love love love! And for an affordable rent! How fortunate and blessed am I!

I just know that for me 2015 will bring more good … more upswing … more blessings and things for which I’m so grateful and more joy!

I’ll be asked by the universe / Spirit / life cycle to make smart decisions. To be on my toes and alert to opportunities and to grab them when they flow my way! Not all opportunities are good. Not all opportunities are to be taken. I’ll continue to rely heavily if not exclusively on my intuition and inner knowingness as things arise. I know I’m being asked to do so and will do so and welcome doing so!

Such as my closing sentiments.

A candle burns in every window – three.

The studio is spotless and cleansed with frankincense and myrrh.

The space is ready for 2015. And I’m ready! Ready for being in and spreading:










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