That daily prompts duo: Dumb and Dumber

Wanted to. Really did. Write on today’s daily prompt.

Took a look in anticipation.  Hindsight. Now that you’ve got some blogging experience under your belt, re-write your very first post.

Uhhhhhh, no. My first post is no longer. On a blog site (Vox) that no longer exists. Bye-bye to that first post circa 2006 and loads more writing. Poof! Gone. Vanished into cyberspace, never to be seen or read by human eye again.

My first post on WordPress too is so long ago, on an entirely other blog, a relic amongst the blogosphere’s bones.  Whether I could even unearth it is dubious.

Truthfully, why would I want to? Why would I want to go back and rewrite my first post or any other? What’s the point? The purpose? What’s to be gained? Like a photograph, writing (for me) captures a moment. An experience. A feeling. A viewpoint. A sensation. A thought or 10. A contemplation or 20.

The words are on record. The moment recorded. I wouldn’t muck with a personal blog post any more than I’d change the coloring of a dog or the funny-shaped ears of a child. Such things are what they are and as they are. Let them be.

So a sucky prompt, in my book. 🙂

There’s hope still!

The WP daily prompts page offers another option for those prompts we may find uninspiring, silly or just stupid. It’s called “view a random prompt” button. I’ll take that spin of a wheel …

Sweet 16. When you were 16, what did you think your life would look like? Does it look like that? Is that a good thing?

Ugh. Who comes up with these?!

Like the “rewrite your first post” prompt, an act of resurrecting ancient past. None of us is who we were a year ago, five or 10 or 20 or 30 years ago or 41 in my case.

What I thought life would look like when I was a teen is telling on certain levels and irrelevant on others. I was 16! While my life experience by that age was …. hmmmm, what are the words …. far more extreme, traumatic, unloving, painful, cruel than most … it was the experience of a 16-year-old living at home! I hadn’t yet experienced an iota of what I’d come to experience years and decades later!

I’ve grown, changed, evolved, become wizened and wise. I’d hope that the School of Life would have that intended effect on everyone (though am well aware it doesn’t).

So I’m tossing out this prompt on the basis of stupidity. And banality.

The person who wrote and suggested it sounds desperate for a prompt. Probably thought it was cool. Would make people think. It doesn’t. Not me anyhow. It’s lame because it does not take into consideration the valid points cited above. Not a one.

It’s lame.

Goes to show that when ya take a spin of the wheel, ya never can tell whether you’ll hit a jackpot or lose your shirt. Perhaps the next spin of the wheel of prompts will be a win.

Meanwhile, to finish on a positive fun note, I’ll pull a card for the day from the Mermaids & Dolphins deck:

Pay AttentionPay Attention

“Notice repetitious signs and your inner guidance as this can yield valuable information.”

Hmmmmm, intriguing!



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