As above, so below. And so the noisy couple goes.

You could say a fellow blogger {ahem} prompted me to do it. Dip my toes back into the Daily Prompt pool.

I write wherever my focus and attention take me. And with so much happening in my life {when is that not the case it seems} that requires therapeutic writing, creative / off-the-cuff writing, of which daily prompts are a part, has been relegated to the back seat. Understandably.

Don’t misunderstand. I could certainly turn anything into a creative piece! Take my noisy neighbors above. Please!

Talk about fodder for a tale of imagination! Imagination has no boundaries! I could write a thousand stories on the obnoxious and self-absorbed and disrespecting Clomp & Clack Couple above and once those were done a thousand more!

I could write, saaaaay ….

1. Ms. Clack wins the lottery. Or at the least a sizable jackpot. She decides now’s the time to see the world and take that cruise to the Bahamas she’s long wanted. They move out, terminating their lease early and thus penalized. Doesn’t matter, she’s loaded now. They’re gone, off to see the world! They vacate the apartment. Peace is restored. Win-win.

2. Mr. Clomp’s sister in Madison, Wisconsin falls ill. Family obligations require his presence. He doesn’t wanna go but does. Ms. Clack tags along.

Mr. Clomp goes to a bar in Madison to drown his woes. There, comfortably tipsy, he encounters a woman from Vietnam. Slender, petite, smooth radiant skin. Her tight floral silken Vietnamese dress only heightens her allure!

He falls hard for her. For a night. Perhaps it’s the beer goggles speaking. Perhaps it’s fate. He doesn’t know. Things get steamy. In bed he convinces himself it’s love. Or at the very least a mind-blowing lust to be consumed again and again and again.

Things get complicated. Ms. Clack learns about the tawdry encounter.

They return to their apartment. Talk ’til midnight or the cows come home. Whichever occurs sooner. Decide to move back to Madison, Wisconsin, for family support and couple’s counseling. They vacate the apartment. Peace is restored. Win-win.

3. Ms. Clack severely twists an ankle. Mr. Clomp’s told her once if he’s told her a thousand times that she needn’t wear those high heels, she’s beautiful and sexy in loafers or barefoot. But she’s never listened to him on that point. She’s a girl and she does girly things.

The doctor wraps her swollen purple ankle in a cast. Tells her to take it easy and stay off the ankle for at least a month.

She doesn’t listen. She’s taking out the trash, two crutches tucked into her armpits and heavy trash bags in each hand. She missteps. Takes another fall. Shatters part of a collarbone.

Doctor’s ticked off. “I told you to stay off it,” he admonishes. Her inner bitch shrugs it off. Mr. Clomp’s pissed too though. “You never listen to what any man tells you. This always happens. I need my space. I need to think. I’m gonna stay in a motel for a while.” He packs his bags.

Ms. Clomp can’t stand being alone. She’s NEVER done it and has no intention of starting now!

She joins him at his motel. Everything’s sexy and cool for a week. Then Mr. Clomp’s feeling way too crowded. Packs his bags a second time, saying: “I really need to think things through.” Heads off to Iowa to stay with his brother a while. “Alone,” he tells Ms. Clack.

She’s pouty, spoiled, pissed off and bummed. Convinces herself that she’s none of those things but the most loving partner he could ever have and screw him for not appreciating her. She lets him go. He takes off like a caged dolphin released back into the wild sea. They vacate their apartment. Peace is restored. Win-win.

See, a million ways to write characters in a story and out of your life!

As for the Daily Prompt, when I began this post, inspired in great part by livingonchi’s daily contributions, I’d intended to participate. Answer to the prompt: Clichés become clichés for a reason. Tell us about the last time a bird in the hand was worth two in the bush for you.

Somehow turns out I didn’t “need” it after all! That writing about the fucking obnoxious noisy disrespectful Clomp & Clack Couple above was more fun. This time.

Though if forced to build from that prompt, I’d say that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Perhaps more.

A bird glides in the air. Free. Silent. Graceful. Perches perhaps on a finger then takes off again to live peacefully, unencumbered.

All that two noisy neighbors do is ruin it for everyone else.

Thus a free bird in the hand is worth two neighbors in the bush. The Australian bush. Far far away from disturbing any other living soul.


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