Shhhhhh. Listen. Can you hear it arriving?

I can.


It’s on its way, if not already here.

I’d be lying if I said I’m eager to continue on the topic and theme of home distress.

However, it is front and center at this time … though for not very much longer, I daresay!

I received yesterday a response from the landlord to my information letter about the excessive, intrusive and ongoing noise from the tenants above.

Among other things, she wrote that she’s thrilled that I like my new place (my letter begun on that happy note). I do. I love my new place! As I told her, if the upstairs neighbors would practice consideration and respect, it’d be picture perfect — a word play with the picturesque view.

Some day I’ll post a photo of the terrific view from my studio on the hill behind the library. That day when it’s not all cloudy, rainy and gray. 🙂

Anyways, she continued by saying she’ll send a reminder to all tenants about noise in close quarters. I appreciate her response, I sincerely do.

However, circulating a notice en masse does not deal directly with the problems or their source. It’s akin to public notices instructing drivers not to text behind the wheel. Those drivers who need to heed such notices … won’t.

Ditto with noisemakers. Those who most need to turn down the volume aren’t going to recognize themselves in a mass circular. They’re going to keep doing what they do until someone — be it a landlord, police officer or other authority — arrives at their doorstep (in a manner of speaking) with complaint in hand (in a manner of speaking) and proposed solutions.

I’m not in a position to do any of those things or anything else. It’s the job of the landlord to handle this issue and any others that crop up at her properties. My responsibility is to convey information — “here’s what’s happening” — and then it’s hand’s off. She’ll deal with it as she sees fit.

As I wrote, she saw fit to send a reminder to all tenants. (I’ve not yet received one so don’t know whether it’s been done.) Hold on, there’s more.

In addition to emailed reminders about noise, she noted that if I ever I felt the need to call police to do so.

I responded that the police had already been called once and it did not bring halt to their disruptive unneighborly behaviors since.

I could see her proverbial ears perk up across the many miles!

Police were called? When was that and was it for noise?

I emailed the date and affirmed noise.

As of today, that’s where things stand. I’ve heard nothing back from the landlord and of course have no idea what, if anything, has been communicated to the noisy upstairs neighbors. It’s not my business. I don’t need or want to know.

I can only imagine that any landlord with strong business sensibilities and long experience in property management would be none too happy to hear that new tenants already have a police complaint on file less than a month into occupancy.

Again, not my issue. This is her matter to contend with.

Today, after weeks of residency made long, majorily stressful by others’ excessive intrusive noises — noise levels that violate the right of tenants to peaceful and enjoyable living — that’s not just me speaking, that’s in state tenant-landlord law — I am for the first time hopeful that this home distress is coming to an end.

I’m hopeful that that soon, very soon peace at this property at {unpublished address} shall be restored and reign!

As a new tenant too, I am ready — R-E-A-D-Y — to begin living here! To no longer need to spend every evening away to avoid their raucous and delaying return to 10 p.m.-ish when they retire (weekends are another matter with much later hours!)

I’m r-e-a-d-y to roll into a new chapter … one where assholes do not dominate and obliterate me in my home! … and a new year. 2015 is golden with promise, opportunities, positive growth, new beginnings. I feel it. I know it.

To get there … not just get there but embrace it .. baggage has to be dumped. For me, that means no more obliteration and disregard under the thumbs of others — or feet, as the case may be when neighbors above have wooden floors! 🙂

Like I wrote at the start, I’d be lying if I said I’m eager to continue this theme of home distress.

However, I feel it coming to an end. It’s being brought to an end Because I articulated the situation and because the landlord is willing to listen, respond and act. These two things — my communication, her sense of responsibility coupled with willingness to act — synergistically create a positive outcome … a solution that’s for the good of all in this housing complex.



Welcoming in the new year awaiting just around the bend.

From the darkness into the light. From dissent and noise into peace.

Gratitude for a landlord willing to listen and act. Gratitude for a landlord willing to do the right thing {when the right thing is defined as for the good of all}.

A blessed and joyful time indeed!



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