Learning Zen Amid Thundering Neighbors

I awoke to one thought floating up from the deep terrain:

Don’t let the assholes ruin a perfectly good place for you.

That’s gotta be about the best guidance Spirit could provide at this time!

I’ve been struggling, deeply, with the heavy stomping and the clack-clack-clack of high heels on wood floors from the neighbors above. It’s been a constant in these first three days of residency. Morning, afternoon, evening, night: clomp clomp clomp clack clack clack. The low ceilings (7 feet) and absent insulation only exacerbate the amplification inherent with wooden floors.

How do these people not know that?!?!

Oblivious oblivious oblivious.

Selfish selfish selfish.

Swear to god, I’d bet cash that they’re from California … or Seattle/Washington state, New York or Phoenix, in that order. Areas with extraordinarily high levels of selfishness, Me-Me-Me It’s All About Me self-absorption and obliviousness to others.

Be that as it is …

Like I wrote, I’ve been struggling, really struggling, under the WEIGHT and thumping of these people above. It’s not even the sounds specifically that bother me — though they certainly do. It’s their obliviousness. It’s their total unawareness, uncaring and/or disregard for tenants below who are subject and subjected to their noisy activities.

THEY DON’T LIVE IN A VACUUM! OR A BUBBLE! But ya can’t tell self-absorbed people that. There’s no pinprick that’ll burst their self-inflated bubble. Not common sense. Not reason. Not pleas for sensitivity toward and awareness of others.

You can’t turn an asshole into a nice person or a caring person. Not saying the people above are or are not nice. I don’t know. However, their behaviors clearly express things about them that are not favorable to the common good of man … man being in this case the tenants below them.

Okay, that said … I awoke to that message from the deep: Don’t let the assholes ruin a perfectly good place for you.

It IS a perfectly good place for me, this studio, at this time and place in my life. Is it forever? No. Do I need forever? No.

Do I need a place to live of quality and affordability? Yes. Do I need a place that’s MY OWN SPACE … not in the sense of ownership, rather the sense of OTHERS NOT DICTATING and INTRUDING?

Absolutely {ding ding ding!} YES.

I can’t control or stop the neighbors’ clomping and clacking.

Even were I to appeal to their compassion, courtesy and consideration of those below by removing their shoes — qualities they may or may not have — I can’t control or change who they are.

Assholes are assholes. Let them be.

And either move away from them or if that’s not possible/doable, find that place of peace within that they cannot touch, ruin or destroy.

Don’t let the assholes ruin a perfectly good place for you.

That’s my challenge, my task, my mission, my goal in this situation. The world’s full of assholes, there’s no gettin’ around that — or them. Learning to find peace amid their cacophony is … Buddha’s work — and mine!

While my work’s clear, how I’m gonna achieve it is to be discovered. It’s a learning process.

Won’t be easy. I’m not a peaceful person by nature. I’m rebellious, angry (sometimes), incredibly thoughtful (most times), overly considerate of others (always – problematically so), willing to give ground to others at the expense of my health and well-being (childhood training crap).

I don’t speak up when I should (sometimes) and speak up when I shouldn’t (sometimes).

I HATE HATE HATE being controlled, pushed around, dictated to and denied my God-given free will. I also HATE being trampled upon, made a slave and made powerless by other people, especially persons who control and with harmful or ill intent. My entire life, beginning in childhood, is replete with such individuals and experiences. I’ll say no more than that.

In the grand picture, I should be grateful for the asshole neighbors above. Their insensitivity, their roguishness, their thoughtlessness and obliviousness to any others but themselves give me a chance to learn. Learn to be a better person — not for or toward THEM but for myself.

Don’t let the assholes ruin a perfectly good place for you.

Words well spoken, concise and on point. I can see it’s gonna become my guiding principle, my motto! My lantern as I move forward through the muck and the gunk not only from the people above but a lifetime of bad people doing bad things and/or good people doing bad things to me in the home.

The home: where things are felt most intimately, profoundly, rawly.

That’s my story, for today, and I’m stickin’ to it!

Clomp clomp clomp clack clack clacking neighbors, know that YOUR inconsiderate oblivious ways of being will not be my detriment or downfall but rather a gift to my self … learning, growing, becoming free of home intrusions and violations once and for all, forevermore.



2 thoughts on “Learning Zen Amid Thundering Neighbors

  1. I think we are kindred spirits. πŸ™‚ Your previous post had me rolling laughing. I am sorry about your inconsiderate neighbors. I appreciate your positive spin on the situation, though. Wishing for a silent night for you during this holiday season!

    • Kindred spirits is a good word for it. πŸ™‚ Thanks for reading & the good wishes for a silent night in this season! If if continues sounding like Santa and his 8 reindeer have landed on the wooden floors above, I may treat ’em to a seasonal rendition of “Jingle Bells.” By Eminem. From my stereo. Blasting. Happy holidays to us all! πŸ˜‰

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