Shutting the door on studio #9

Random musings on a day before I close the door and turn in the keys to studio #9.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

If I’m such a good tenant as you {landlord} said and a tenant who will be missed, why did you not stand up for me when it mattered? Speak up on my behalf to the complaining tenants and difficult owner?

It would’ve changed the outcome. Actions speak louder than words.

So while I appreciate, value and respect your sentiments — I do — let’s get real. You didn’t at any point put in a good word for me and tell the complainers and bullies to back off.

Would’ve changed the outcome.

That you didn’t matters. Matters to me.

Best that I be moving on.

Won’t Be Long Now

Tomorrow, Nov. 30, I vacate studio #9. About 99.99% of my belongings are moved into the new place.

Though tedious in its way, moving in increments with the Subaru over five days has been pleasant and reasonably gentle on my injured shoulder/neck/back. That the two residences are a short 1/2-mile apart made it doable. Wouldn’t have so keen on increments if it meant 15 roundtrips across town! So it worked out nicely.

Meet Ms. Clean

That’d be me. The deep-cleaning of the new place proceeds. Slowly, meticulously.

Yesterday, I not only completed rubber-gloved scrubbing of abundant shelves and cupboards in kitchen and bedroom, I got started on the walls. The floors await. They’ll be a lotta work, plenty of elbow grease and be the climactic accomplishment. Soon.

“New Net”

The Internet. Not new obviously, just newly hooked up in the next place. The Cable One guy showed up in the promised time frame of 1-3 p.m. That was nice.

Had plenty to clean to keep me busy while I waited. The building’s already wired so it was a simple transfer, a matter of him connecting my modem and router and doing his thang with his electronics gadgets. Easy-breezy. Tested it out before he took off. Everything looked good.

Once the Internet’s disconnected from a residence, you know it’s curtains. 🙂

This post comes to you courtesy of the free Internet in my soon-to-be former apartment building. The ridiculously SLOW Internet! The 1 Mbps max speed Internet — aka dial-up speed circa 1999, thank you insufferable ISP Bolt {barf}. Glad it’s here as I close up shop; glad I don’t gotta live with it!

Don’t Open the Fridge!

It’s a sad sight. A can of coffee and pint-sized carton of half-and-half for the morning java.

No eggs. No veggies for smoothies. No beer. Freezer empty too. Once again, curtains come to mind.

Better Bath It Up, Baby!

Tomorrow I lose my bathtub. The new place doesn’t have one.

The lack of a tub has dampened (no pun intended) my enthusiasm about getting moved into the new place. Studio #9’s fantastic tub is the reason I haven’t bolted (no relation to crap ISP Bolt) outta this building with its oppressive toxic environment ‘n’ all.

I haven’t a fix for a makeshift tub in the new place, only ideas churning, churning, like frothy water in a jacuzzi. Lordy I’ll miss this bathtub and good long soaks!

Normally lack of a tub would be a deal-breaker. However, perks and pros of the new place outweighed the con of no tub.

Still. I respect my need for water (my element) and will keep churning out ideas and possibilities for a McGyver tub.

S’long studio #9. In some 24 hours.


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