Tick tick tick ’til the key

Won’t be long now. Five days and counting.

Including today and assuming all goes well, five days ’til I’ve got the keys in my hand to the new place. The lil’ apartment B on the hill behind the library.

I feel blessed to have found an affordable studio that allows me to continue living solo. I verily dreaded the idea of destroying my life once again through roommates! Not every roommate situation has been toxic BUT enough of them have been — especially those with females — that my interest in revisiting that path: an obese zero!

I feel blessed to have found a studio at that location. Right behind the library! How cool is that?! Too, thankfully, from there I’m still able to walk to Whiskey Row / historic downtown, the heart of Prescott, to my hangouts, to my friends and buddies who work there.

While I was willing (and half expecting) to move to an abode needing a drive to downtown, my heart really really wanted to stay within walking distance and maintain that downtown connection. It’s good for my heart, good for my soul.

Rent, location, apartment size, timing … all things considered, I’m either very lucky or blessed or both to have secured a space that suits my current needs and conditions. And in, what, about a month’s time too! Quite an accomplishment in a town renowned for housing challenges.

There really is something to “right timing.”

Certainly the forces were with me, including the season. The lack of competition from students seeking housing made a HUUUUUUUUUUUGE difference. Having looked for a place to live in spring (when school starts) and in autumn/winter’s cusp … I can confirm the difference is day and night — literally!

Also, I maintained a positive attitude even during the dry spell with no places to view and disappointments from the no-shows.

How’d I accomplish that?

I just knew moving was right. Despite having lived here only a short couple months; despite my positive actions and attitude of problem-solving and cooperation with chronic complainer tenants. I came to know that it was an untenable and toxic situation and it’s continue to be one thing after another.

Things COULD’VE gone differently but it would’ve required different choices and actions by others and they weren’t able or willing to listen or truly meet in the middle. A classic case of “my way or the highway.”

I neither need nor want people like that in my life and certainly not my home life. Been there done that lived that got the T-shirt; it’s high time to have a space & life for ME and to be freed of the chains, controls and oppressive / suffocating dictates of others.

Anyways, things are in motion. Today I submit a deposit for the new place; in five days, I pay prorated rent, sign the lease and receive the keys.

A pub buddy with a truck has offered help with the bed. Everything else I can move by myself with repeated car trips — though to be honest, and departing from my usual style, I REALLY want and could use help with this move because of my injured shoulder/neck/back.

It’s an exciting time — not to mention stunning in terms of the swiftness and overall ease of this move #52 (give or take). It’s about flow. And things are flowing. Five days ’til the key to the new place. Tick tick tick goes the mover’s clock.


2 thoughts on “Tick tick tick ’til the key

  1. You landed a new place with a swiftness and I am glad for you. It seems like a cozy space and I hope your new neighbors (and landlord) are less toxic than the previous. The location sounds fantastic!

    • @gipsy – Thank you! A move at Thanksgiving — one more thing for which to be thankful. 🙂 Our town library is fantastic, very active too. You can expect a pic or three of the view from the room on the hill behind the library! Thanks for visiting.

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