Door closing in Adventures in Moving #52

I’m in!

The studio behind the library’s a go! Got the call from the property management lady this morning announcing that the references checked out, everything’s good to roll.

Now it’s all about the money, paperwork and signing on dotted lines. Lease to be signed Monday 3 p.m.

In these next couple days, it’s a mater of getting the deposit in, which’ll remove the rental from the market, and toe-tapping as I wait for Monday to arrive!

I’m so ready to roll! Since I live out of boxes and in perpetual readiness to move, packing is minimal and manageable. Plus I’m moving only 1/2 mile from my current location, making my customary super-air tight and uber-organized packing unnecessary.

If I could simply lift everything as it is onto a magic carpet and have it land in the new space and bypass the packing, I would!

I keep “trying” to feel really bad about leaving this space but it ain’t happening. I feel deeply sad and angry about the unjustness and unfairness and unneighborliness in the coalition of landlord and marginal subset of tenants that drove me out.

I feel stung by the experience and unhealed. I definitely need to continue forgiving them, the situation and myself; therein lies my release and freedom.

Anyhow, I’m out and movin’ onwards and upwards! Literally. I know I’m gonna love being atop a hill — think small hill in residential area, not soaring hill or bluff. It’s hill enough to offer an overlook of my town to the northwest. This’ll help create a sense of space in an apartment that’s small and kinda cramped.

There’s a kitchen window with a view into the distance, sky and treetops. It’s perfect for a tall bistro table, laptop and morning coffee! I’ve already started looking around but haven’t found anything within my budget.

Once again, it’s one of those occasions where having no furniture except a bed and patio chair works in my favor. Any furnishings I do get can be chosen to accommodate the peculiarities and particulars of the new place.

A tall bistro table is a priority and a must for greatest enjoyment of the view the space affords. A regular table ain’t gonna cut it.

I’m excited. And nervous too. I don’t know who my neighbors above and in the single apartment beside me are. I recognize that a good measure of the anxiety is due to my current situation (bad neighbors, complainers about every little thing, petty & uncooperative sorts). Yeah, I’ve been stung and it still smarts. That I’m leaving doesn’t alleviate that, only removes it from my life, which is greatly welcomed. Yes, gotta keep doing the forgiveness; it’s truly the best and only way out.

On that note in closing, the daily prayer/reflection I receive by email is particularly poignant and fitting:

A Time to Think

God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today. Have you used one to say “thank you”? –William A. Ward, author

Thank you God, Spirit, universe, all etheric helpers and beings for bringing me to my new place and answering my prayers! Thank you thank you thank you!


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