A vision board out of lunar left field

Tonight I did something I’ve never done through many years of creating vision boards.

I sat down with a good half dozen magazines and purposefully created one in the “off cycle.”

You might call it a vision board out of the lunar cycle’s left field. You see, vision boards, as mentioned in a post prior, are best made at a new moon — the ideal time for planting seeds … planting visions.

Meanwhile, the full moon  — such as the one in Taurus two days ago  — is a time of harvesting, culmination and releasing that which has come to fruition, no longer serves or has outworn its usefulness and purpose.

What inspired me to go 180-degrees “off cycle” and create a vision board? A fair question.

Pain — only in part. The pain of being pushed out of my residence by the landlord and a few other tenants who are chronic complainers, have been intolerant and hypercritical and judgmental of me without having ever met me. In unison these parties have pushed me out.

As one who deeply and passionately values fairness — and reason — I cannot say that the collective actions haven’t hurt me. They have. Being forced out of my home by “the lesser lighted” was not on my to-do list this time around.

But: It is what is is and I will be leaving by Dec. 31 if not considerably sooner as the next right residence reveals itself. (Not for nuthin’ but I also do not want to stay at a location where I’m not wanted or unjustly perceived.)

And if you know groups, you know that they will bond together against a perceived non-conformist and cast him out. Human nature it is and sad.

Where I was going with this is … yes, pain in being unreasonably kicked out of my abode is in part inspired my “off cycle” vision board.

Yet it’s got comparatively lots more to do with positivity. I’m looking for a new place to live. Creating a vision board with words and images of qualities sought and desired in my next residence is an exercise in grounding and focus.

Unlike my vision boards made at the new moon that express 3-6 central themes, this “off cycle” creation has one theme and one theme alone: relocation and that which is desired in the next residence.

I chose mindfully, as I always do, the words — a collage of “mismatched” letters of all shapes, sizes and colors brought together and bonded by glue to form the words that matter the most to me, that speak to me and I to them in this godly and fated by Divine Design this marriage that are Words and I.

There are some images, significant images. Visuals and images speak very very powerfully to me. They’re my second language, close on the wings of my first, which is words. Images and words combined make a powerful vision board, even in the “off cycle.”

Too, this is a “mini” vision board — and not only because it is focused on strictly the goals and desires for my next abode.  Size matters — well, sometimes. This vision board is half the size of my standard-size poster paper used for new-moon boards.

As such, rather than cutting the poster paper in half, I merely folded it. With images and words glued onto only the lower half, when folded and propped up, it looks like a giiiiiiant greeting card in my (soon-to-be former) apartment! Only Hallmark doesn’t make cards quite like this. 🙂

It’s easily moved from room to room, unlike full vision boards hung on a wall — so that I may drink of its inspirational and encouraging messages wherever I may be sitting or lying!

Imagine if Hallmark did produce a card this size! At current costs per square inch for a standard-size greeting card, my mini-vision board might go for 20 bucks!

I love how my mini-board turned out! It makes me smile. Makes me feel positive … hopeful … charged and optimistic as I venture forth into recreating a better living environment.

I’m excited to see how this visioning off the lunar cycle goes. Call it an experiment of such.

Too, I’m excited to see what’s floated my way in abode potentials and opportunities — particularly because as with my every vision board, its contents are precise and specific. (Because I’m such the precisionist, “generalities” is an infrequent word in my vocabulary — and certainly absent in my crafted boards! 🙂 )

What does Matilda see for me in the crystal ball regarding my upcoming move?!


Matilda’s not saying. Or if she is, she’s saying it in Russian or Polish and I speak neither! Only time will tell. Very hopefully my mini “off cycle” first-of-its-kind vision board too.


2 thoughts on “A vision board out of lunar left field

  1. Interesting read. I tend to not take into account the moon phases when I’m out looking for guidance. Given my less-than-lucky forays in the past months, it might be something to look into…

    • Glad you found this interesting. I don’t identify myself as a wiccan or pagan, who traditionally give extraordinary heed to lunar cycles, plus timing their rituals, spells, chantings or prayers accordingly. Also, compared to males generally, females, whether they realize it or not, are more attuned to lunar cycles because of the female monthly cycles, hormonal variances and so on.
      That having been said, I’m interested in and intrigued by how this stuff works, visioning during lunar phases. I don’t profess to be a master by any means! … rather a curious and inquisitive student. We’ll *both* see how this all goes! 🙂

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