Day 1 in the Adventures of Move #52 (give or take)

Hmmmm, no. Definitely no. Another no.  And I dunno.

So went yesterday’s search for a new abode in Adventures of Move #52  – Give or Take.

A Closet How Big?!

About as big as a telephone booth. That’s the single closet in a studio undergoing an interior upgrading, which includes retiling the shower (no tub) and replacing aged windows.

They gray carpet, circa 1980 in appearance, is staying and will be cleaned. Hmmm, can a cleaning get out the ground-in dirt and stains?

Decent cupboard space for a studio kitchen. Too bad it doesn’t translate into the rest of the studio! Rent’s kinda high for the space. On the other hand, location, location, location — walking distance to downtown.

Funny, only a block from my current digs. Now there’s an easy move by foot and car!

Conclusion: Minuscule storage; noisy major thoroughfare; a pale “eh” vibe. Keep looking.

Wow! What Would I Do With All This Space?!

Location 2 is owned by the same folks with that studio. A 1-bedroom in a 1970s courthouse-style complex  that looks every bit the 1970s.

Ditto the apartment.  It’s clean. Gray carpet, white walls, standard-sized fridge and stove. One of the longest bedroom closets I’ve ever seen in any apartment! Long and skinny. Nice view of Thumb Butte in the distance.

Ample linens closet. Would hardly know what to do with all that shelving there or in the kitchen!

No WOW! factor. An OK place overall. Little in the way of character but clean and excessively spacious for one person with few possessions and no furniture save a bed.

Conclusion: Rent with utilities surpass my budget.

Good for a Student. Just Like She Said.

On the phone, the landlord cautions me that the place is small. Really small. “Too small for you, I think It’s a good size for a student who needs only a bed and dresser and desk. Go take a look through the windows. If you’re interested, call back.”

With eyes shaded by raised hands, I peer into the space through slatted blinds. She’s right about the bedroom sized for little more than a twin bed and dresser.

Where’s the closet? Is there a closet?! Ah, I see it! A short hanging bar and small shelf above.

The living room’s a smidge larger. Ample for a TV, desk and loveseat, just like she said. The kitchen and bathroom aren’t visible from the windows; ditto any closet if there is one.

Super pricey for the space. Again, location, location, location.

Conclusion: Good for a student with a laptop, books and little else. Or a monk.

Mobile Home Gets a Brake

Yesterday’s scheduled viewing of the mobile home is postponed by delays and miscalculations on their end. To be rescheduled.

However, on my volition, I stop by around 9:30 p.m. to survey the lighting. The mobile home for rent, you see, rests smack on the perimeter of the Safeway supermarket parking lot.

Safeway closes at 11 p.m.

“How long do the parking lot lights stay on?” I ask the cashier while buying half-and-half for the morning coffee.

“From 8 p.m. to 5 a.m.”

All night. Hmm. Yes. The light from the bright moon in a clear dry Arizona sky a day away from full can’t hold a candle to the market’s blinding blazing lighting flooding the lot and spilling into the mobile home.

Time stamp: The mobile home’s pending until I can see it inside. Perhaps while wearing sunglasses  if it’s nighttime.


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