The Adventure of Move #52 — Give or Take

I’m wasting no time in looking for a new place to live.

The move-out deadline is Dec. 31. It’s nice to have the breathing room and time to look. However, I’m not allowing these seven weeks to lull me into complacency or procrastination.

I hopped onto craigslist (crappy as it can be, still the best, sometimes only, source for rentals and room shares) immediately after getting confirmation that the landlord is not willing to rethink or negotiate a prior instruction to move.

I can’t win against group force even if the group be small. Win is not the right word. The right word is “withstand.” As in to stand tall and meet the headwinds and communicate and listen and be heard in a collective endeavor toward reason, fairness and balance.

The scale — I on this side and the landlord/his associate tenants/friends and owners on the other — was tipped in their favor. The move was not a certain outcome. Choices and demands (theirs) exceed my individual power and say in the matter.

I learned a lot in the short two months I’ve been here. And I’m ready to go, leaving behind this drama that has been integral to his residence in one form or another sine the start.

My spirit is raised by the change. Forces I feel are in my favor in a variety of ways, among them the seasonal relocating slowdown. The competition for housing is way more intense in summer and during universities’ starts than it is in this heart of autumn.  I’m catching that current wave of activity before winter’s darkness and slowdowns descend.

I’m not worried about finding a new place. On the contrary, I’m optimistic for that reason and others.

I already have two locations set up for viewing today! My ambition to continue living alone is running high — REAL high! I simply, for 1001 good reasons, do not want to return to roommates!

(Matter of fact, I was thinking last night that in the past 10 years, I’ve lived alone only during only three; the remaining seven years, all roommates. A lot of roommates! Ugh ugh and ugh!)

Not only do I want to continue living alone (a luxury I’ve enjoyed for a mere two months) but I’d love to live in a stand-alone structure with no shared walls.

A tall order? Perhaps; perhaps not. I feel stung by the design of enclosed space.

Or perhaps it’s my location within that enclosed space, on the ground floor, by the door AND adjoining the mailboxes that worked to my disadvantage amid a subset of residents prissy and prone to complaint.

Whatever, doesn’t really matter, it’s coming to a close.

Very shortly, I’m gonna view two available spaces in a duplex and later today a mobile home.

That’s right, a mobile home! Now that’s a first! And reflects how open I am in this search.

Though it’s in a mobile home park (coincidentally, just down the road from my former residence with the assaulting roommate), the stand-alone / no shared walls aspect appeals. Plus the price is within my budget. So why not have a look?!

I don’t have to move tomorrow — though I would, figuratively, I’m poised for quick action and closure to the current situation. It’ll be fun seeing new spaces! Fun to meet potentially new landlords! Fun to explore what’s out there.

I look at this as an adventure. And an adventure in new residence #52 or thereabouts. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve moved.

Speaking of which, I gotta roll — first viewing in 15 minutes! Later, gators.


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