A baaaaaaaaaad day for Belkin

We all have ’em, a bad day. Belkin’s having an exceptionally bad one.

Untold numbers of people, yours truly included, woke up today to their Internet service not working.

The culprit: a Belkin router update that wasn’t. Or in techie terms, a default self-healing healing option that automatically downloaded an update in Tuesday’s wee hours.

The “update” has rendered Belkin routers has rendered Internet access DOA in a global outage. Internet services providers including big players Charter, Comcast, Cox and Time Warner Cable are fielding calls on the outage.

My Cable One is no exception. It was the techie who informed me of Belkin’s crash affecting routers across the board. He told me that of the 12 calls thus far, 10 were on this matter.

Not surprisingly, Belkin’s support lines are inundated with unhappy users. Expect exceptionally long wait times. Too, Twitter too is ablaze with angry people seeking advice on how to get online and pledges of buh-bye Belkin.

A global router outage is a big deal.

Belkin finally issued a statement:

“We are aware of reports of an interruption to internet service when using some Belkin and Linksys routers with several internet service providers. Our team is diligently working to root cause the issue. Our call centers are also experiencing a higher than normal call rate so hold times are longer than normal. Our call centers have no solution to this problem at this time. Please check this status page for further updates.”

Then this update:

“Update – We have identified a workaround that will enable some users to get back online. The workaround requires that you set a static DNS address on the device trying to access the internet. Below are some steps to do this on the most popular devices:”

Be they individuals at home or businesses, it’s a global Wi-Fi disaster — and there ain’t enough spin for Belkin to come out smelling like a rose.

No word on when — or if — Belkin routers will be up and running again. Only reason I can pen this is ’cause I’m using accessing the building’s painfully slow Wi-fi. 🙂


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