when shift happens

Peace isn’t the absence of conflict.

It’s being still within while the world spins madly.

My realization is nothing new under the sun. It’s just new to me in ways palpable and life-altering.

It’s said that conditions and humans can shift in a moment. I’ve seen it happen. I’ve experienced it in ways slight to profound. We all have. No living creature is immune from shifting. It’s life itself.

The other day in a discussion with the landlord that was fruitless, ineffective and high in aggravation, something within shift inside. Something that deep down I’ve been working hard toward, something as I said in a post prior didn’t see coming. It wasn’t conscious or expected.

I let go. A higher self and Spirit moved in. I chose peace.

It just happened. As if a door were opened and a whoosssssshing fresh wind blew through and into me, clearing out some old, making way for new.

I didn’t end the conflict with the landlord. I chose a peaceful path. And that is what ended the conflict, for me.

When I departed, I felt changed. Calm. Uplifted. I’d experienced a shift in a moment.

It’s funny. Developments aggravating or angsty have arisen since. I’m not immune from ’em and I’m certainly no master of Zen!

Yet they’ve not grabbed my goat like before. Matter of fact, this image keeps lingering in my mind {third eye}:


Now if I could bottle that ephemeral etheric shift to choosing peace in the midst of conflict, well, I’d still be no millionaire because no one would consider bottling possible! 🙂

I’ve embraced the shift and it has embraced me. The seeds toward Zen are planted. They only need nourishment, attention, watering and tender loving care to grow into the beautiful flowers that they can become.

One day I aspire to look something like this on the inside:



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