Learning to cook — no relation to the ABC’s

A solution is at hand!

A solution to how to cook in my apartment building!

I don’t mean I’m needing books like “How to Boil Water” or “Betty Crocker’s Cooking Basics.” (Actually, I’m a good cook; loooved it since the first time my mother showed how to mix up cookie dough. 🙂 )

By learning to cook in my building, I mean how to do it without getting dinged.

The landlord lives on site of 19 residents. If a tenant complains to the landlord about any cooking scent from another tenant’s apartment, the landlord will convey the complaint to the cooking tenant and instruct him/her not to cook that dish again.

Raises the question: At what point does cooking begin when at any point a dish could trigger a tenant complaint and you can be told to quit it.

Gets to a point where you’re pulling chips outta the bag and tuna outta the can to play it safe! Well, suppose that could work long as there’s a 6-pack in the fridge!

Anyhow, there’s a brilliant solution to loosen the chains of cooking imposed by the landlord.

Clear the recipes with him first.

I’m a huge fan of crockpot cooking, particularly in the cold season. Hearty healthful soups and stews rich with warming happy spices like turmeric, ginger, cardamom, cumin, curry, green chilies, navy bean with a smoked ham bone.

I also quite like Asian flavors, fish with ginger and soy sauce and such.

So yesterday I printed out a dozen or so recipes I anticipate cooking. Put ’em in an envelope for the landlord with a note acknowledging a discussion on cooking scents and tenant complaints and would he please review and sign off on them.

I’m awaiting their return and hopefully his approval. Hopefully won’t be a long wait since I’ve put all cooking on hold.

Plus I’ve got a roasted curried cauliflower that I’m just dying to make! But I’m not baking it or anything else for fear of reprisals (in particular from a handful of residents who’ve already displayed intolerance and propensity to complain over minor matters).

I’ll continue clearing all recipes with the landlord. It’s a novel and intelligent path to head off trouble at the pass. If a tenant complains about the scent of cinnamon, cumin, curry or {fill in the blank} from a crockpot, the landlord will have no cause to deliver the complaint and tell me to quit it. He signed off on the recipe(s).


And for the record, no, I don’t reside in a prison. Just sounds like it. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Learning to cook — no relation to the ABC’s

    • Towels for the door cracks do you mean? Well, for you or anyone who’s curious, that means of preventing scents from escaping doesn’t work. 😉 I keep waitin’ for sanity to arrive. (It’s achievable if the landlord backs off from being prison warden and lets residents live just normally).

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