Grrrrrrrr as in Aggrrrrrrrravating

Grrrrr. I love him, my friend Bill, but grrrrrrr.

In about 24 hours, I leave for a road trip and visit with this ol’ friend from our college days. He lives in California a full day’s drive from here. A day-and-a-half when including the California slog.

And I’m still waiting for confirmation on our schedule!

He knows I’m coming his way. Knows it’s a long drive from out of state. Knows this window of opportunity to travel is narrow.

As I know he’s a family guy who lives in a house that’s more like a community center than a family home of four! I know he gets caught up in the moment. I know he’s a procrastinator. The guy I knew in college is in many ways the guy I know now, some 40 years later.

Still. Grrrrrr. Aggravating.

I’ve done my part. I’ve emailed. Keep him abreast of my unfolding travel plans.

And here I sit, 24 hours from departure and I’m clueless whether I’m actually seeing him Tuesday or at all this week!

Bill’s not a grassroots backpacking traveler, neither a solo traveler, so when it comes to designing and arranging said, he can’t understand. Most people can’t. I get that. But I can’t chalk up this failure to communicate — or appreciate the needs and tasks on my plate — to his non-traveling personhood.

It’s who he is, an aspect of his character known to me since college. And it’s damn aggravating. Waiting, waiting, waiting on him. Waiting for word. Is it a yes for Tuesday? A no? I leave tomorrow. If I leave and find out in the middle of the desert halfway to California that “oops, it’s a no, sorry,” I’m gonna be pissed off.

I’m not asking for much. A quick timely check of your email since you know travel’s imminent. A quick timely yay or nay. That’s it. Done. Confirmation. Then I can proceed on my end doing things that need done on my end.

It’s not that Bill gives new meaning to “last minute,” rather “no minutes” — as in time expired. So damn aggravating.

As it stands, I don’t know whether I’m coming or going a day outside departure. Thank GOD I’m not trying to book a flight based on his communications. Always a silver lining somewheres.


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