Gratitude List (9-21-14)

As I sit here waiting, frustrated and aggravated as all get out waiting on my friend to let me know whether our visit is on — an out-of-state road trip scheduled to start tomorrow! — rather than let the aggravation sour my entire day, I thought it best to write a positive post.

And what better than a Gratitude List, which I confess I was remiss in penning yesterday.

Gratitude List (9-21-14)

1. Job at the radio station! I’ve said it before and it bears repeating: I love being there! I love being there whether or not I’m working.

2. Extra shift at the station. I worked my usual Saturday night yesterday; tonight I again received tonight’s extra shift for the second week in a row — one that I suspect, hope, anticipate will become standard as the fill-in is returned to his usual tasks.

3. My impending road trip. While I’m, yes, full-tilt aggravated and frustrated with my friend for not communicating when time and communication are of the essence, I’m excited at the prospect and promise of traveling. It’ll clear my head and balance my being. Will it fix all my problems? Hell no! However, travel — solo travel specifically — is as close to God as this girl gets.

4. Good beer and watering holes in Prescott. For a small town (pop. around 40,000), this town offers soooo much including in the ways and means of craft beer. There are fine establishments around that aren’t all hoity-toity. I like real and I like to keep it real, particularly in my beer and hangouts, be they in drink or coffee. Prescott does not fail to deliver.

5. Robert Rosenberg for writing his book “Sleep Soundly Every Night, Feel Fantastic Every Day” and for his appearance at Peregrine bookstore yesterday. I went … because I had to. I couldn’t not go. My lifelong sleep disorders have risen markedly to soaring heights in the past two years (for reasons known) and to the point where if I didn’t start getting some REAL sleep and on a CONSISTENT basis, I was gonna become a lunatic danger to myself.

People DON’T understand the importance of sleep and the detrimental and destructive results of severe and ongoing sleep deprivation. That lack of understanding or acknowledgement delegitimizes the role and importance of sleep.

Not unless they’ve gone through it do they get it. I get it. I’ve lived it. I’m still living it, albeit not to the same intensity of 10 on a scale of 1-10.

Dr. Rosenberg’s presentation was so interesting and informative; though I’m hardly new to the subject, listening to a professional who has made sleep disorders his career was so informative and educational. I coulda asked 50 more questions on top of the 10 I asked! 🙂

Anyways, what his presentation and book (that I bought and had autographed) did went beyond education. They legitimize the detrimental effects of short- and long-term sleep. They recognize what I’ve known and been saying for a long time about the importance of sleep and the consequences of its lack. I’ve felt like the lone voice in the woods with no one listening and no one hearing.

So thank you Dr. Rosenberg for giving voice to the reasons for and realities of sleep disorders and their consequences and to we who are brushed off, not heard or taken seriously by others. It is so appreciated.


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