The TV takes a turn {down}.

Once again, feels like the world’s moving faster than my speed of posting!

In headline news, there’s some relief with the Loud TV Man who though technically my neighbor has felt more like a roommate due to the intrusiveness of his blaring TV during the days to 3, 4 o’clock and beyond in the morning.

He’s turned down the volume.

When the lowered volume occurred one random day recently, I didn’t get excited or hopeful. It’d happened once before, you see, one day of comparative quiet in ongoing cacophony. At the time, I’d thought there’d been complaints from neighbors and that the “civilized” volume might continue.

It didn’t. Was a blip. The blaring resumed after that exceptional day.

So when it again occurred a few days ago, the TV at a reduced volume, that is, I understandably didn’t get my hopes up. My thought was: Wait and see. If it continues on a consistent daily basis, then indications are good that someone(s) complained, basically told him to shut the fucking TV down! {my words, not theirs}

The TV’s still audible. Don’t misunderstand. Peace is not reigning at { } Street!
It’s the difference between filling a neighborhood pocket with sound rather than a stadium. The TV’s still on waaaay more than it’s off. It’s almost always on when I get up. It’s sometimes on in the afternoon, almost always in the evenings and always at night into the wee hours.

But at least now the people in India can’t hear it.

It’s a weird thing about the TV, well, his I mean. A sort of toss-up between two annoyances/scenarios. One is a loud TV blaring in your face. The other’s a quieted TV, still audible, like Chinese torture. {drip drip drip inside your room, inside your head}. Which is easier to live with, bold loud in your face or Chinese tortuous drip drip drip? Which do you choose?

Now, I don’t want to overlook in this situation an element of such primal and primary importance that to fail to acknowledge would be an error and crime. That is the primal need for sleep that in the absence of a blaring TV is now possible and achievable.

I cannot emphasize or overstate that. I had a breakdown recently. I hit bottom. It was a breakdown rooted in years of sleep degradation and deprivation. It’s more complex and complicated than that alone but that’s a huuuuuuuge fundamental element and source of what ails me.

So when I moved into my own space — no roommates! — last month in part to escape the assaults, controls, loudness and more of Judy, imagine the shock /unpleasantness / disappointment, the intrusiveness of a blaring TV from a neighbor-turned-roommate in my space.

I have, thanks to the reduced volume, FINALLY been able to, first, go to bed at a reasonable hour {instead of being kept awake ’til 4 or 5 in the morning} and two, been able to sleep {since the sound’s no longer infiltrating through closed windows and thick drapes}.

What a world of difference sleep makes! Take it from someone who has journeyed through Sleep Hell. Sleep is like water. Without it, we shrivel up and die.

So once more for the record, let me state that I am so glad and grateful that the TV volume is reduced to a level where I can begin to sleep. (And by begin, I mean I’ve a long journey of recovery before I can claim restorative sound sleep on a consistent basis.)

I don’t and can’t know who complained about the TV, whether it was neighbors in my building or his or both, whether it was one person or half a dozen or more. All scenarios are possible.

To those unknown residents, I’d like to say thank you. Thank you thank you thank you! Thank you for speaking up, whether it was to him or the manager or both. Thank you thank you thank you for first recognizing that he was way overstepping boundaries with the TV volume and then communicating it to the person/s necessary. For personal reasons/issues, I didn’t engage and I thank you for doing so.

As a side note, I don’t presume this volume will continue. I can’t be certain complaints were made, only that it seems so based on three consecutive nights of reduced volume. I’ll take it, the quieter TV, and I’ll absolutely take the sleep it enables.

All that being said/written, I’m still really looking forward to my impending road trip across the spacious quiet deserts of southern Arizona & California and my visit with Bill and his brood next week. My residence, though quieted, is still not a place of peace or respite or healing that I need and wish it to be.

In this world, nothing quite brings me back to center like travel and the open highway in solitude. In five days and counting …


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