Gratitude List 2

Time for the day’s Gratitude List – (no. II, 9/16/14):

1. My impending road trip, jus’ me ‘n’ the Subaru crossing the vast open untamed spaces of southern Arizona and southeastern California, including Joshua Tree (as a pass-by), and visit with old college friend Bill and his brood in SoCal.

Having made this drive before, I’m anticipating the vast stretches of desert, the peace and solitude and everything else I love about solo travel. As a natural robust traveler, I’ve an untamed (there’s that word again!) penchant and passion for travel alone on the open unpopulated highways and byways.

When I made the drive in February, temps were pleasant, not scalding, and population of travelers low. September weather’s sure to be hotter; how that’ll affect traveler numbers is to be seen.

And looking forward to seeing Bill, his lovely wife, the two dogs and one or both or neither of their sons and their friends! Always a lively domestic scene at Bill’s place!

2. The roasted red pepper and tomato soup at Wildflower Bread cafe. Of all their soups, rotated daily, it’s my fav. Nourishing, tomato-sweet, warm. And the staff is always warm and friendly (plus know me as a regular). Wildflower is where I go for a pleasant atmosphere, comfort, self-nurturing and comfort food.

3. The intuitive who’s assisting me (and has been assisting me) through some really heavy stuff. I had no idea of how heavy it was until I hit bottom, fueled by two years of sleep deprivation, a couple days ago. Now that things are coming to the light of consciousness and awareness with her help, I feel a new focus and the calm after the storm. And a storm it was too — an internal hurricane, typhoon, tornado, volcano and flooding all in one!

4. Prescott. My town makes the list for the second day in a row.

5. Flower remedies. FES, Bach, the new (to me) Pacific Sea essences soon to arrive if they’ve not already.

6. Today’s interview with Deborah for a food-demo position inside Costco.

They had 200 applicants for one position — and a PT position at that (!) due to the ruination and regulations of Obamacare, aka ObamaNoCare. Meaning, most companies now offer only PT because they can’t afford the exorbitant costs of Obamacare designed to destroy capitalism and further socialism.

Of the 200, they drew up a pool of 20 for interviews. The demo boss and his team know me; also, he knows I worked with his same national employer prior in another state and he knows my former boss personally and that I’ve been seeking a foot in for about a year.

While that may be in my favor, by no means do I presume I’m secured a job. Fair is fair, in my rare playbook of life anyway, and if an offer’s made, I wish it to be on fair merit. Their process will take another week or so. In the meantime, I’m grateful for the interview and to be included in that select group.


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