a few snapshots of the moment …

These three days since my last post feel like 30!

Honest to god truth. Like I hopped onto the speedway of life with which even the German autobahn couldn’t compete.

Because I dare not and could not recount the moments filling these days, I provide a synopsis snapshot for my own records if nothing else.

a. I am moving. The new place is not a done deal — yet. I’ve found what I really want and have been working to manifest. It is in process as references are checked, etc. I rejoice for having found it!

b. I’ve spent oodles upon oodles of hours researching the multilayered legal aspects and finest minute details of terminating my lease immediately. Arizona law stipulates that immediate termination without financial obligation beyond payment for final date of residence is legal in domestic abuse. In other words, one can be immediately released from a lease when one’s safety is endangered. There is a record of the assault with the police and I can leave immediately.

My mother always said I should be a lawyer. I’ve got a super-good mind for law, its details and tediousness and dare I say its language! I did seriously consider law school. However, I’ve the mind, heart, soul, spirit and purpose of a writer.

Still have undeniable affinity with law and its thought/reasoning/intelligence though!

c. The goodness of being a nomad and anti-clutter Nazi who moves (over and over and over and over!) only with what she can put in her Subaru reveals itself yet again! Once my new place is secured (and I believe that it will be), moving will require nothing more than some trips with the Subaru! No need to pack to my usual expertise and precision exemplifying a great gift for spatial reasoning and reflecting a true dislike of clutter. Keep it simple is my lifeblood!

d. I’ve no bed. No furniture. Meaning that when I get this studio … dada dum dum … purchases become essential. This is NOT the time to accept my cot as a means of sleep day in and day out into infinity! I’ve not had a bed since July 2011. More than three freakin’ years ago!

If I revealed where I’ve slept, either your heart would break or you’d think, damn, she is ONE COURAGEOUS WOMAN!!

Both are valid.

Speaking of beds, I’ve long felt that being bedless for years would make an unusual and fascinating post for readers interested in the unusual and unconventional (which I embody to the hilt, I must confess). Being without a bed … it’s not what you think. It’s not what you might imagine. I could really write a short ebook on the subject, the effect and toll on the psyche.

I’d entitle it: “Bed Hair. But No Bed.” (copyrighted!!!)

e. My diet has been shitty!! Shitty! shitty! Reason being that I’m at the house with the raging lunatic only to sleep and bathe. I miss and NEED the regularity of eating healthful meals and regularly. I’m a poster girl for bad eating lately.

Moving will absolutely right these wrongs, rebalance my life and redirect me down the positive path. I cannot move soon enough. Soon as I get the green light, I’m good and gone! Easy loads with the car. Can EASILY do it all in a day by my petite yet rugged self.

f. I haven’t spoken to or even crossed paths with the raging lunatic roommate for almost two weeks. That’s a lot considering how small the house is. I want out. O-U-T. Soon.

g. Got hard choices still to make about how to proceed with getting out safely. That’s all on that.

Enough for now. Wishing life were easier. Hoping and thinking that it will be when I’m no longer under the thumb of the raging lunatic dictator.

All for now and it’s ample!


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