when booms! be good

Boom! Boom!

Just like that. Back to back in a matter of two days! I may have not one but two opportunities for new housing!

One’s an accomplishment in a town where housing’s a challenge. Two, why, that’s almost unheard of! Banner headline news for sure!

I’ve not send the second place, a room share, yet. Will tomorrow. I’ve got a good feeling. The situation looks more than doable. The location’s right. From our email and phone conversations, the fellow seems reasonable and a far better listener than current roommate “Rudy with a J.” It’s within my budget.

The second place I feel potentially offers more than safety from “Rudy” and this situation — safety is paramount and my primary concern. It may be too the haven and sanctuary I’m seeking and needing.

Also, I’m thrilled that residence is with a male. I much prefer living with males than females. In my long history and considerable experience with roommates of all shapes, sizes and types, the females have been the worst. Hands down. Not even the most problematic or imbalanced male comes close to the damage and harm inflicted by females! Not even close!

Given the choice, I will ALWAYS pick male roommates over females. Often, nee usually, I don’t have a choice. I’ve lived in places where the rental market is so saturated with seekers and competitive and in the case of Denver majorily fucked up, you’re lucky to land a roof over your head!

If the roommate turns out to be a psychotic Satan in disguise — and I’ve cohabited with a few of those — so be it. Things could be worse. You could be sleeping in the gutters.

So be GRATEFUL you have that roof and a bed. In my case rental beds. I’ve not had my own bed since 2011. (And lemme tell ya, there’s deep stuff in that that could be written.) A deficiency I intend to fix if indeed the room/situation/individual I meet tomorrow are right for this time.

The other housing item on the plate has its appeals and draws to be sure. It’s a small studio in an old building and I really like it. Much as I’d love to live alone again — haven’t since 2011 — and hunger for it, the financial burden given my current income level would weigh HEAVILY. That stress could easily erode the perks and pleasures of living alone.

Plus the small space is surrounded by others on three sides. I happened to swing by the space yesterday. Stood in the hallway outside the studio’s locked door. Listened to the loud voice of Chinese lady (think she was Chinese, Asian anyhow) in the adjoining studio penetrating through her solid wood door into the hallway. Measured the volume: loud. Speculated about just how thick those walls are. Or aren’t.

Noise, loud neighbors, invasive sounds drive me crazy. I pictured myself in that little studio having to listen to her and suddenly the situation took on a different cast. A cautionary cast. Especially if I’m gonna be paying that kinda rent for my own space, SPACE is what I need. Not another’s voice permeating my place.

Also to be recognized is that I now live with a woman who is VERY loud. At least as loud as that Asian woman, if not in fact louder. A loud dominating woman in my space is the last thing I need. Really.

So while the studio could be a short-term fix to get me out of a bad situation and therefore worth considering, I’m keen to see the shared housing situation tomorrow! It’s a good fit I reckon.

If all goes well, I could on my way outta here in a matter of days! Perhaps completely out by this time next week or sooner!

I keep putting’ one foot in front of the other and moving forward. Emphasis on moving. đŸ™‚


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