Shhhhh. Eye’s on the exit door.

Nearly a week has passed since the roommate shouted me down and pushed me.

Since then, I’ve spent minimal time there — only to sleep and tend to basic hygienic and health needs. (I’ve built up quite the warehouse of supplements and tinctures toward health and healing!)

Save for my coffee and green smoothie most mornings, I don’t eat there.

Once “Rudy with a J” and I were forced to share the kitchen and not a big one at that. Not a word was spoken. By the angry cold shoulder she gave me, you’d think that I was the one who had done wrong.

I was not. I did nothing wrong, unreasonable or out of line. I did not cross a line or violate another’s space and safety. SHE did. She’s neither acknowledged nor apologized for her wrongdoings and she won’t. Somehow she’s cast me as the problem and wrongdoer. I’m no stranger to her irrationality or anger/rage. Sucks to be the recipient.

My search for new housing continues and to date has not yielded fruits. The sooner I get out, the better. Due to the urgency, I’m open to a temp situation that’s safe as I continue looking. I also don’t want to give “Rudy” another dime. Not a dime. That’s paying for abuse and I do not need it.

After contemplating matters, I’ve decided to proceed with filing a police report and enlisting legal help from a service that assists low-income, unemployed or indigent individuals (like myself).

In addition to the police report, ext week I’ll undergo the legal service’s intake process to get my ducks in a row for an early out on my lease, which requires 30 days’ notice.

The odds of “Rudy” not releasing me early from the lease (again, reinforcing that I’m the bad guy and she the hostile and arrogant one who did no wrong) are slim. In fact, she could make life even more unpleasant and unsafe. This is the time for me to enlist outside help and have the law on my side. I’ve lived with dangerous unpredictable irrational women who are walking time bombs.

This time, I need support from sources outside.

That’s the brief update. I pray that this goes well, that I can make my exit safely and that “Rudy” will not interfere with or impede the process. I really do. So sick and tired of fucked-up female roommates!!


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