The domestic queen loses her crown

When a line’s been crossed, there’s no going back.

The roommate, the queen dictator featured in posts prior, crossed a line. There’s no going back and there’s no moving forward in terms of our cohabitation. There is only moving out.

Left a pot of homemade sugar water for the hummingbirds on the stove to cool yesterday. Get up today, look for the pot to restock the feeder. Where is it?! Gone! She’d dumped it. Washed the pot and spoon and put ’em away.

It wasn’t hers and it wasn’t hers to do anything with! Be assured if you’d done likewise, she’d come atcha with guns blazing.

“What happened to the pot of water on the stove?” I ask.

“Oops. I threw it out. Sorry. {shrug, with all the sincerity of a psychopathic robber apologizing to the family.}

“That wasn’t yours to throw out.”

“I’m not going to argue! {she shouts, attacks verbally, storms away} {note: everything with J. is an argument when you’re not toeing her line.}

“We’re going to work this out!” I say, following at a safe distance. “Whether it’s a pan of water or sugar water or anything else, it’s not yours to throw away.”

Roommate U-turns, gets eye-to-eye 6 inches from my face, pushes me on the shoulders, shouts some stupid attack.

I instinctively recoil. “Don’t touch me! I want to know this (with the pan) won’t happen again.”

Roommate storms off shouting attacks and no commitment that it won’t happen again {duh!}

J. is a very controlling woman. She controls me, she controls the third roommate, she controls the house. It’s her domain. She tells you what’s what. If you question or attempt to discuss what’s what, she argues and shouts 99 percent of the time.

It’s her way or no way.

She’s dogmatic, bossy and intolerant. No different from my family environment. I can almost — almost — tolerate it only BECAUSE it is so familiar.
Don’t claim it’s healthy or positive, only damn familiar that I can tolerate it because I did and had to tolerate it for years years and years.

Worst of all, she’s disrespected and disregarded me. Ironic from one who preaches respect for her and her house and is uber-quick to demand it when SHE feels it’s absent!

Take a look in the mirror, missy! What you demand as respect isn’t respect at all. It’s submission to your controls. A projection so won’t have to look at the disrespecting and disregarding person YOU are.

And that’s the truth.

To repeat, a line’s been crossed. There’s no going back or forward, only out. I’m full on looking for a new residence. Using my anger to for positive change.

I will not stand for any more of her underhanded shenanigans and controls, covert or overt.

I will not stand for physical actions or being touched in anger from her or anyone in a domicile or anywhere else.

It’s over. I’m moving on.

Dear Universe, please open the door to my next place immediately. Help me leave this bs once and for all. And to never again be in an environment where another reigns as dictator, controls, disregards, disrespects, DOESN’T LISTEN.

Help move me into a place of support, respect and regard. A space of sanctuary. A place of grace.

Thank you.


2 thoughts on “The domestic queen loses her crown

  1. Her behavior sounds incredibly inappropriate. I am thankful you are using your anger to make a positive improvement in your life. Crossing physical boundaries, among other things, is absolutely unacceptable. I hope that a new place of residence falls into your lap, stat.

  2. Greetings gipsy from the other forum! Thanks for dropping in. And for the good wishes. Soon as a new place opens up, I’m there! I’m gonna head over to your blog in a bit to check out the latest background ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰

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