From Powerbook to Mac Pro, oh my!

It’s done. MacBook Pro with retina display here I come!

Long in coming, overdue, “it’s about time!” an’ all that.

Just placed my order with MacMall. She was super nice and helpful too, albeit, admittedly, little hard to understand with her accent.

Now I wait 3-7 business days.

Think about it! No more online messages: “We’ve detected an outdated browser. that we no longer support. We suggest you update.”

I can’t!!! My Edsel computer can’t accept higher! I would’ve done it if I could!

No more: “You are missing plug-ins. Page cannot load properly.”

No more pages loading super slowly — if they load at all! No more waiting 30 seconds for graphics to appear — if they appear at all.

No more driving the Edsel in the dust of really outdated technology. Just to illustrate how old it is, I’m on a Powerbook on a PowerPC chip! Apple began discontinuing PPC for Intel chips when? 2006-ish?


Just as an Edsel was an achievement in its day, too the Powerbook.

I’ve had two. I remember when I bought my first one. Musta been 2004. I was living in Idaho, had a good job. It had stellar reviews — I never buy important items without considerable research — so I knew I was getting a solid laptop (and my first laptop).

I winced pretty strong at the price — around $2,000. Far more than I’d ever spent on a computer (or anything else). But, as I said, I knew I was getting a quality product.

I had. I pretty much live and breathe on computers. I traveled everywhere with that laptop. Put her through her paces for sure and she kept on ticking. Had to replace the hard drive only once in the 8 years I had her.

Then one day she suddenly died. I was living in Colorado at the time. She’d been acting kinda wonky but there was no indicator she was at death’s door. There’s more to the story (not comfortable sharing).

It was a crisis. Miraculously, I was able to secure a refurbished replacement at a used Mac store in Denver. Miraculous because I needed specifically a very old Powerbook on the quick!

I knew it was a Band-Aid solution. Though it’s served me well these past couple years, this Edsel. I just never bonded with it. Never reallllly connected. It’s always felt temporary. A stop-gap until I could move into the 21st century.

Now I can.

Not only can I but I must. My work as a writer depends on it. Because here’s the thing with the old Powerbook. It’s so limited and limiting that it cannot have the software needed for freelancing. For example. This machine is a hindrance, an albatross, a No-Can-Do for my present and future.

Really takes no time at all to get left behind in technology. In fact, it’s frightening how quickly that happens!

I am so grateful to have the means and ability for this upgrade. It’s more than an upgrade. It’s representative of me embracing change. Leaving the old behind and moving into my present and future as my true self rather than the self molded by childhood and a great many hardships, struggles and batterings in life.

So, 3-7 business days. The wait doesn’t seem all that long considering I’ve already waited years for this!!

Because the Powerbook to MacBook Pro migration is challenging and complicated by the wide techie gulf diving them, rendering a simple migration impossible, I’ll have my work cut out for me.

Here’s the thing on that, speaking of leaving the past behind. I’ll transfer files very selectively. What isn’t transfered will be retained on the Powerbook that I’ll keep/store for the time being. It’s gonna be a process.

A fresh start on a fresh Mac is called for here. I’m ready and excited and yes so grateful that it can happen. It’s time! time! time!

The MacBook Pro, 15 inch, retina screen! A creature all its own and SOOOOOOOO much I’ll need to learn! Heck, even the touchpad’s totally changed from the Powerbook’s! Stay tuned, this could get really fun!

Some 3-7 business days and patiently counting …


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