synchronicity from on high and my sister

When you know, you know.

When you know that you know, that’s even better.

When you know that you know and can act on it, well, that’s the best of all!

I wrote yesterday about needing a new laptop and why. My 5-year-old Powerbook is an Edsel. The Macbook Pro is the way to go.

I know that I need a new computer. I know it as certainly as I know that I breathe.

I also know that now is the time. I know. And I know that I know. My career and future depend on me this upgrade. My future is waiting and it will happen and unfold as it should when I shed the old (including Powerbook) and embrace the new (including Macbook Pro).

Now, here’s an interesting twist, you might say. Validation that I am spot on and on the right track.

I just received a piece of mail from my sister (itself a rare occurrence). It “suspiciously” looks like a check. It’s highly possible since she’s tending to our mother’s finances and etc.

If I’m correct, I make no guesses about the amount. I’ll say only that if may come close to covering a good amount if not all of the cost of a new laptop.

Is that confirmation or what?! The universe stepping forward saying: “Here. You know your needs and we know your needs. We will provide.”

Pret-ty pretty amazing!! Synchronicity from on high and my sister. 🙂


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