Wow! Wow again! And again! And again! …

I am joyful!! My head’s still spinning, in fact!

I’ve been offered a job at the radio station! It’s a dream job! I’ve been trying to get in for a year! (And after the debacle there a year ago; there’s a story there, don’t need to retell.)

I am in! Got my foot in the door! It’s one 5-hour shift for now. Whatever he offered, the answer’s YES! One shift, 10 shifts, any day, morning or night, the answer’s YES!

Starting tomorrow, I’ll be trained in radio board operation and on air. I did both in Journalism School (University of Missouri, Columbia, best in the country) as part of the education. That was a looong time ago. Before digital. Wow have things have changed — a lot!

I’ll be running the board and announcing. I’ve always been comfortable talking in front of groups and behind a microphone — long as I know what I’m talking about. I favor intelligent commentary over bumbling drivel, that is for certain!

This time tomorrow my training with a coworker begins! I can hardly believe it! Then Saturday’s my first solo shift. Can hardly believe that either!

Boom boom! Just like that. My life, vastly improved. My work life, doubly vastly improved! I’m sure using a lotta exclamation marks! Rightly so. 🙂 🙂 🙂

When I was in J-School back in Missouri, I majored in broadcasting. I ended up in print for this that and the other reasons. Wasn’t my goal or ambition though because I’m a writer who loves words, I’m ain’t complaining.

Radio, though … all these decades, I’ve had a hankering to go back into it. It’s not easy. Very competitive, a limited number of stations, the disadvantage of lacking radio skills or experience outside university.

I loooove radio and I’m a talk-show junkie. Conservative talk shows. The ones broadcast by my now new employer!

I’m bustin’ in a quiet way. I feel such gratitude. Joy and gratitude. And humbled. Humbled by the exceptionally hard road I’ve traveled this past year (as well as in general around work/career) that brings me to this today. August 5, 2014.

Persistence paid off. Usually it doesn’t. This time it did. I never gave up and I was not going to give up. My heart wanted and wants this!

I’m in & I’m livin’ the dream!

There aren’t fonts/letters big enough on a computer screen so you’ll have to imagine it, global-sized — yo, bigger! — letters in vibrant colors splashed across a stunningly clear blue sky:

W O W !!!


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