Parking the Mac Edsel to gain the Ferrari

I drive an Edsel on the information superhighway.

I’ve got a refurbished Powerbook with OS 10.5.8. (Leopard). It was released five years ago.

And if you’re even a little tech-familiar, you know that one year in tech years is 100 years in human years.

It gets worse.

My laptop is powered by a PowerPC chip. Apple dropped use of PPC chips years ago. All Intel now.

And that is a HUGE problem. Because as things rolled along (and I didn’t for various reasons), Rosetta, which was used to bridge PPC and Intel, also got discontinued. Or as they like to put it: “We no longer support {fill in the blank}.”

Macs are now at, what, Maverick 10.9? That’s light years down the road from my PPC-based Powerbook 10.5!!

It gets worse.

Macs no longer support or produce AppleWorks, its native word-processing/drawing/painting/spreadsheets software. I love AppleWorks. EVERYTHING I’ve created through the years is on AppleWorks!

Used to be that Pages in iWorks could read AppleWorks. So at least there was that for folks migrating from an old Mac to a newer.

No more. The most recent iWorks 5 dropped AppleWorks translators. Now you’ve gotta get (or have) the old iWorks 4.

It gets worse.

The list goes on — too long. I’ve suddenly lost the drive to list all the ways that my Edsel and a model that brings me into the 21st century — namely the Macbook Pro — cannot and do not speak to each other.

And the longer I wait … the longer I hold off on stepping into the 21st century, the worse it gets. Technology stops for no one. It zips along, leaving those unable to upgrade in the dust.

I spent a good part of last night researching and educating myself about an upgrade will mean. It will not be pretty. And it fucking surely won’t be easy! I’m comfortable on Macs. They’re all I’ve ever owned and will own.

But, because mine’s so outdated, so far behind and has been rendered impossible to migrate directly to a new model, I’ve got to go about this with extreme care, meticulous diligence and mindfulness.

I’ve got to REALLY REALLY know what I’m doing. Or pay some Mac geek-nerd to assist me. And I’ve never had to pay anyone to help me with Macs!!

It’s an option, perhaps a necessity, that I’m bearing in mind as I pave the way for a Mac move.

Would you remove the old parts out of an Edsel and install them in a Ferrari?

The answer’s no.

If I’m smart (and I am), I will take out ONLY what I truly need and relocate them into the new Mac (and keep the old model as a file). That won’t be easy for the reasons mentioned and more.

But the time’s come. It’s time to make the move. It’s time to retire the 2009 Powerbook and step into the future. MY future. I say that because there’s LOTS that my Powerbook simply cannot do that I need to do — most keenly and acutely around work. And my work — my REAL work, life-purpose work — is beckoning, impatiently, angrily even for how long it’s taken me to come around.

Hell, I don’t even have Word (and can’t have Word) on my laptop! And Word is THE software for publishing and freelancing! Not AppleWorks, not anything else.

Yes, like a dog roaming the neighborhood hears the whistle from its human to come home and eat, I hear mine. A whistle from the whooshing train on the superhighway. Signaling, beckoning, nee demanding, that I get on board. Now.

It’s time to leave the past behind. Time to put the Powerbook to rest. Time to step into my future building a career via the computer. I hear the alarm clock. I do. I can’t hit the snooze button. Done that loooooooong enough.

The time’s come. I’ve got to make this Mac migration happen this month or next.

And I will. I won’t be foolhardy or hasty about it. I won’t be naive. I’ve no illusion or delusion that it’ll be a simple data transfer. NO WAY. ‘Cause it ain’t.

I’m a girl in training … smartly readying herself to a giant leap. I may even join the local Mac users group (paid membership) for support, so daunting is the task.

And it WILL happen! Once I get onto a Macbook Pro with the retina display, I know I’ll experience the same reaction when I was forced, by an uncharacteristic loss of a flip phone a half-breath away from death, onto an iPhone.

I LOOOOOVED it and I NEVER went back!!!

For now, I’ll keep on keepin’ on toward parking the Edsel and stepping into a Ferrari.


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