She’s a chip off the dictator’s shoulder, that one

Here’s a typical and telling tail, errr, tale of my controlling roommate.

Three dogs in the house (hers, both dogs and house). They’re beggars and really, what dog isn’t? They’re neither indulged frequently nor rewarded for their begging by the three humans.

Scene: One dog’s chillin’ in the living room and two in the adjoining kitchen.

I pull out a bag of tortilla chips and a coupla chips fall to the floor. Oops. Freebies for the dog first to the scene!

The dogs aren’t begging. They’re not watching me eat with drool hanging off their lips and that practiced pathetic look of “I’ve not tasted a morsel in a decade” in their eyes. They’re chillin’.

I’m a fair person. So that no dog’s left out, I give a chip — repeat: A CHIP — to each of the other two dogs who lucked out.

“DON’T FEED THE DOGS HUMAN FOOD!!!!!!” My bellowing roommate who, to my ill luck, is sitting there.

“It’s a chip. One chip. They fell and I was being fair.” — ironically, a practice she abides to as well.

“I DON’T WANT THEM BEGGING!” {yada yada yada} The caps aren’t accidental. She’s that loud. That dictatorial. That controlling. That infuriating.

“It’s one freaking chip! They weren’t begging! They’re chillin’ and chips happened to descend from heaven and out of fairness I ensured that each got one.”

I didn’t say that because it would’ve fallen on deaf and prejudicial ears. What J. says goes. There’s no discussing with her. More importantly, there’s very rarely even reasoning. She’s the queen. It’s her house. Her dogs. Yada yada. It’s her way or no way.

So I let it go. With her I’ve learned to pick my battles. A matter of survival. The best choice is no battle. To shut your trap and walk away, fuming, defeated but alive. You will never win a battle with J. Neither logic nor reasoning will advance your cause.

Submission — or the appearance of — and silence are the means to “peace” in the house that J. rules.

Fairness?! Haha. Fucking forget about fairness. AIN’T gonna happen. Not for me. Not for Jerry, the third roommate. Not for anyone under J.’s roof or in her domain.

So that’s how it went. Yelled at because I gave the dogs single chips.

And I’ll tell ya something. Much as her dictatorial and controlling and disregarding ways anger me, I’m more angered by how she suffocates and oppresses me around animals!! That’s special sacred territory.

It’s one friggin’ chip!!

One moment in time! For it, I’m denied the joy of a positive interaction with the animals. Yelled at for an act of kindness so minute in the big scheme of things. Had she displayed an ounce of grace, the interaction would’ve been very different.

What would that have looked like? Saying nothing. Letting it ride. Seeing the reality for what it was. By luck of position and timing, one dog got treated. So I ensured that the two others nearby did too. What the hell’s so wrong with that that it deserves a loud verbal spanking?!

Part of me just wants to scream: Get the fuck off of me and let ME and the dogs be!!

She’s a real killjoy, that J.


2 thoughts on “She’s a chip off the dictator’s shoulder, that one

  1. LOL. Seriously, I don’t expect logic and understanding from her but your comment raises an interesting point. She does exhibit skills in logic and understanding. I seen it! Heard it! Witnessed it with my own eyes, brother! Sing hallelujah! Why it vacates in many a matters I cannot say. SIng hallelujah, brother, that no room share is eternal!! 🙂 🙂

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