hangin’ up the ol’ blue coat

“Be careful what you wish for” goes the adage.

Can’t say I agree with it. Too too too many times I’ve wished for something, prayed for it and the wish wasn’t fulfilled. About as often I get what I don’t want or wish for! So, ya know, I vote for scrapping this adage!

Anyways, I’m officially out of a job. Unemployed. ‘Course I didn’t know that — couldn’t know it — just a few short hours ago as I blogged about my job and its concomitant fatigue.

So upon arriving dressed in my blue housekeeping coat and being called immediately into the supervisor’s office even before the chance to grab my work bucket, I knew sumthin’ was up. And that that sumthin’ was either gonna be a reprimand or a layoff.

Not that it was a shock or surprise. I saw it comin’, the end of this job, either by their hand or mine — and in either case the best for all. I just didn’t it see it comin’ NOW. Today. First thing this morning.

It’s weird to drive all dressed up — or down, depending — ready to work and be shown the exit door then and there. Actually, I didn’t need to be shown, I knew where it was all along. šŸ˜‰

“Can I stay? Give others a hand even for a couple hours?” I offer.

Not necessary. Looked to be a slow Saturday in a slowing season and no staff shortage.

So after a friendly and civil chat, I turned in my name tag, removed the blue coat, took it over to laundry, chatted with one of the ol’ gals (like me) and called it a day.

Even though I hadn’t stripped a single bed, laid a single sheet or scrubbed a single sink!

As far as job partings go, it was calm and like I wrote, friendly and civil. She encouraged me to use her as a reference — “you do good work” — and thanked me for my service. I thanked her for letting me be of service.

About 16 eyes of my coworkers were on me as I single-filed out of her office. Somewhat unnerving, yeah. Suppose my carrying rather than wearing the blue coat signaled what was up.

Surely my sudden departure will be a subject of speculation, gabbing, gossip and rumors among the girls. That’s how girls go. Oh well. Truth is, it wasn’t as bad as all that. Like a packaged hunk of beef, the job had an end date. Just had hoped it’d be at the end of the month rather than beginning AND after I’d secured a new job.

And in case you’re wondering about collecting unemployment, forget it. Unemployment benefits are calculated on a percentage of income over x-number of quarters.

Between gaps of not working and extraordinarily low income when I did work, any unemployment will be NEGLIGIBLE if there’s any at all. Around enough to buy a couple postage stamps to mail off a couple resumes. Filing’s worth neither the time nor paperwork.

So, universe, it’s up to you to bring in new work now! I’m doing my part — and will continue to — as usual. I walk my talk for sure when looking for work. AND I need your help, universe, pronto! Unemployed is NOT a good look on me.

“Sorry” to be so un-American … meaning modern Americans are all about Entitlement and NOT working and lying around on their big fat lazy butts sucking up government handouts earned by WE the WORKING PEOPLE!

Well, fuck that. If WORKING means being un-American, so be it! I’ll happily carry the banner in that parade! Point being, universe, I need to work and want to so please don’t neglect me or forget me. Help a good job happen immediately. Thank you.


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