adrenal fatigue, distressed tooth & a job that’s gotta go

Don’t misunderstand. I’m glad to be employed.

To have a job at all in this gawd-awful socialist-Marxist bring-America-to-its-knees Obama-created economy.

Glad to have something to get up for and do constructively four days a week. Glad to contribute and to be able to contribute by virtue of a job. Being such the worker, I go stir-crazy without employment.

Nonetheless, none obfuscates the tiredness and fatigue this job renders.

I don’t arise in the morn with enthusiasm on my lips of: “Oh wow!!! I’m excited!! I get to go clean hotel rooms! Strip beds! Remake beds! Scrub sinks, toilets, bathtubs and floors! Push heavy carts in the beating heat and sunshine of Arizona! Can’t wait to get started!”


I awaken fatigued — even before the day’s begun. Of course this has a great deal to do with ongoing back/shoulder/health issues and poor-quality sleep and a far-from-ideal borrowed bed.

Even with those factors rectified and back in place, I’d feel tired and that this is not the job for me. Certainly not long-term and questionable in its short-term duration.

In addition to a myriad of health issues, add now adrenal and kidney fatigue. Tons of info online so no need to expound on the condition.

I make mention because it exacerbates the depleted and downgraded conditions already present. Too, I’m certain the fatigue has caused resurrection of a tooth infection “carried over” from the Colorado chapter circa 2012-13.

I’m certain that the taxing physical overwork is the primary culprit behind this deep adrenal/kidney (two are related) fatigue, with the poor bed and sleeping a close second.

Fortunately my diet’s darn good! Supportive of health and recovery. That’s a huuuuuge plus and I don’t find it difficult to stay the course or leave some shitty eating habits in the past where they belong!

Thus the resurrection of the infected tooth is alarming. Not surprising. Alarming. It’s like someone said recently: “It’s the canary in the cage.” My tooth tells me of my deep inner condition as does the area on my back where I had the shingles (circa 1997). Now there’s one fucking painful condition!

Postherpetic neuralgia it’s called. Not uncommon for those who’ve had shingles. It’s a neuropathic pain that continues for years or remaining lifetime after the rash is gone and the virus inactive.

I wish I could claim I were stumped about how to proceed to promote healing to, yes, certainly my distressed tooth and/or the all of me in disrepair and dis-ease. “Unfortunately” I can’t.

I do know what needs to be done.

* Maintain strong nutrition and high water intake.
* Sleep on the “crappy bed” best I can. Keep my bedtime and daily activities at an even keel as much as possible.
* Don’t overdrink.
* Moderation in all things.
* Breathe fresh air every day. This does not mean the air I breathe at the job!
* Write every day. I do!
* Interact with others when need be.
* Ensure solitude / rest / quiet time when it be needed.
* Think positive. Continue with positive affirmations spoken internally or aloud. I do.
* Continue the weekly healing sessions with practitioners.
* Continue too assorted supplements and tinctures and flower remedies. (Note: supplements for adrenals/kidneys added as of yesterday.)
* Read and/or do something creative/artistic daily. I do.

And the kicker (and thorn in my side):
* GET a new job. As soon as possible.

Not a killer exhausting job; in other words, don’t trade in what I’ve got now for a replacement model. Get a job with better pay and good hours and way less demanding and taxing to the body. So the adrenals/kidneys can be nourished, rebuilt and replenished.

It’s come down to the bottom basics. The adrenals/kidneys are the storehouse and generators for jing, chi, the life force and once those are down, you’re o-u-t out.

Such is the news that’s fit to print today.


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